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    Armina Joins Vemco Group to Foster Trust-Based Customer Relations

    Armina Joins Vemco Group to Foster Trust-Based Customer Relations

    With her master’s degree in “Culture, Communication, and Globalization”, and a multifaceted working experience within customer service, sales, project implementation, marketing, and more, Key Account Manager, Armina Terza, is ready to dive into the all-encompassing world of data.

    “I am, and have always been, a people’s person with a huge passion for culture and history as pillars of context for understanding human behavior and patterns,” she says. Thus, it comes as no surprise that Armina’s love and concern for other people drives her ambition to help customers make the most of their business and enhance the overall consumer experience.

    “The most interesting aspect, in my opinion, is the endless possibilities that lie in providing our customers with meaningful data, which they can use to create the best possible consumer experiences” – Armina Terza

    When putting data into a meaningful context, you can see real changes in your business’ performance. Vemco Group’s highly developed software, in combination with advanced sensor technology, help generate meaningful and valuable data for business owners. This is when data makes sense, according to Armina.

    Armina has always been interested in stimulating and understanding human behavior. Naturally, then, she is very excited about her new role as Key Account Manager at Vemco Group, where she will get to interact with people on an everyday basis. To Armina, the prerequisite for doing business is establishing and nourishing human relations authentically. With her newfound role, she will get to meet existing and new customers, understand their needs, and help them achieve their goals with the help of meaningful data.

    Armina is Excited to Enter the Innovative Work Environment of Vemco Group

    When asked what made Armina want to work for Vemco Group, she emphasized the work environment of the company. Making work feel less like work and more like a hobby is important to Armina, who believes having a work environment based on innovation, diversity, trust, and ambition is what makes a successful company. “These things are what makes a company great, and what boost the motivation in their employees, making them want to do more than what is expected of them,” she says.

    Furthermore, Armina is excited to work for a company on the path to growth: “We are constantly expanding and growing as a company, both in size but also in terms of our product range”. Aside from Vemco Group’s headquarters in Denmark, the company has offices across the globe in countries, such as the UAE, Brazil, Sweden, Canada, Norway, and Australia. “An international work environment makes everything more exciting and adds an extra dimension both in terms of culture but also creativity,” says Armina with a smile.

    All About Creating Experiences: “People buy into people and emotions, not the product itself”.

    Armina has great hopes and ambitions for her time at Vemco Group. She seeks to build customer relations based on trust, ensuring value for all parties involved. Her goal is to bring back the good customer experience both in-store and online: “It’s about creating experiences to, and for, the consumers; experiences that make long-lasting impressions and make them want to come back because they felt something,” she says.

    People tend to buy with their emotions rather than logic. According to Armina, it is therefore nearly an impossible task to put a price tag on “experiences” – they are priceless yet make the world of a difference. Armina hopes to help Vemco Group’s clients make shopping and the overall retail experience worth it to the consumer.

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