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    Facility Management

    Expert Management & Maintenance

    Maximize your space utilization and minimize operational costs with facility management. We take care of your facility so that you can take care of your customers or employees.

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    Facility Management Lets You Say Goodbye To:

    Inefficient Operations

    Optimize your daily operations, such as space usage, energy consumption, and cleaning. Become cost-effective with facility management.

    Poor Sustainability

    Stay sustainable by letting our solution reduce your energy consumption through automatic IoT lighting, temperature, and more.

    Maintenance Issues

    Our solution lets you know when restroom maintenance is needed based on its usage, so resources and staff never go to waste.

    Manual Processes

    With facility management, there are no more manual processes. Enjoy automatic control of indoor climate, resource allocation, and more.



    Vemiot is an extension to our in-house developed software, Vemcount, providing you with the needed data to instigate efficient facility management.

    Become an IoT-enabled, smart business today!

    Vemiot: Smarter Facility Management

    • Facility Management

    • Air Quality, Humidity & CO2

    • Temperature Control

    • Occupancy Management

    • Fitting Room Detection

    • LoRaWAN IoT

    • Desk & Counter Presence


    Take full control of your facility with Vemiot. Monitor everything from restroom maintenance to lighting, ensuring your space runs optimally and cost-effectively.


    Ensure a healthy environment by monitoring air quality, humidity, and CO2 levels. Prioritize employee and customer well-being and provide a top-notch experience.


    Save on energy costs with remote HVAC system access. Keep your employees and customers comfortable while reducing your environmental impact.


    Maximize space utilization and comply with occupancy limits with IoT sensors that count the number of people in a room in real-time. Receive immediate alerts to respond to changes and improve efficiency.


    Provide personalized customer service and optimize store layout with fitting room detection. Gain valuable insight into room usage and enhance the shopping experience.


    Deploy Vemiot's solution with ease thanks to LoRaWAN, a low-power, long-range communication technology that transmits data wirelessly over long distances.


    Maximize space utilization with real-time detection of individuals at desks and counters. Use data-driven insights to boost efficiency and productivity in your facility.

    Facility Management for Any Industry

    Facility Management is a flexible solution that can be customized to fit any industry that requires tracking and optimization of facility operations. Our technology is suitable for a wide range of businesses, including retail stores, hospitals, schools, and many more.

    By accurately tracking facility usage and operational data, businesses can gain valuable insights into facility performance and optimize their operations for increased efficiency and cost savings.


    Maximize customer satisfaction and employee productivity with facility management solutions that optimize store layout, maintain clean and safe environments, and reduce operational costs.


    Keep visitors coming back with facilities that are safe, clean, and comfortable. Our facility management solution provides real-time data to improve visitor experiences.


    Streamline operations and reduce waste with a solution that monitors inventory, regulates temperature and humidity, and manages energy use.


    Create unforgettable experiences for guests with facility management that optimizes lighting, temperature, and security. Improve operational efficiency and reduce costs with planned maintenance based on predictive data.

    education-and-public inst
    Education & Public Institutions

    Improve student learning outcomes and reduce operational costs with facility management that monitors indoor air quality, optimizes lighting and temperature, and ensures facility safety.


    Maximize passenger satisfaction and operational efficiency by monitoring air quality, managing energy consumption, and ensuring smooth airport operations with real-time data insights.

    Public Transportation

    Ensure safe and efficient transportation services with a solution that monitors and regulates air quality, optimizes energy use, and enhances passenger experience through real-time data.

    Smart Buildings

    Create a sustainable, connected, and responsive workplace with facility management to optimize energy use, manage space utilization, and improve indoor environmental quality.

    A Solution to Every Problem

    Luksusbaby A/S

    Luksusbaby wanted to view real-time, accurate KPIs regarding their physical stores, such as hit rate and conversion rate, for improved decision-making. 


    Our solution helped Luksusbaby take action based on facts rather than intuition, while discovering the age of their incoming visitors for accurate conversion rate data

    HiFi Klubben

    HiFi Klubben had previously faced challenges when it came to people counting, due to unstable and hypersensitive counting devices and were looking for an automatic, reliable solution.


    Through easy integration between our software and the company’s own ERP system, we delivered automatic software, using high-quality sensors with a minimum of 98% accuracy.


    Magasin had an outdated, unreliable people counting solution and wanted a hosted solution, exporting data into a central BI system to give them insight into customer behavior in all their department stores.


    We delivered an accurate, up-to-date people counting solution to Magasin, which allowed them to reduce operational costs by outsourcing their customer data to us.

    Odense Municipality

    Odense Municipality wanted to access insight into how the citizens and visitors of Odense use the city, and act on these insights based factual decision-making rather than intuition.


    To measure how the citizens and visitors of Odense use the shopping street, we cover all relevant entrances and exits with weather-resistant sensors that cover heights up to 20 meters.

    Odense v2

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is facility management?

    Facility management refers to the management of a physical workplace or building, including activities such as maintenance, cleaning, security, and space utilization. It involves ensuring that a facility is functioning optimally and meets the needs of its occupants.

    Why is facility management important?

    Facility management is important because it helps ensure that a physical space is safe, secure, and efficient. It can improve the productivity and well-being of employees, reduce costs associated with maintenance and energy use, and enhance the overall experience of customers or visitors of a facility.

    What are the benefits of using facility management?

    Some potential benefits of using facility management include improved maintenance and repair processes, increased energy efficiency, enhanced security and safety measures, better space utilization, and improved communication and collaboration among facility staff.

    How accurate is IoT technology?

    IoT (Internet of Things) technology can be highly accurate, depending on the type of sensors and devices used. However, the accuracy of IoT technology can be impacted by factors such as signal interference, environmental conditions, and sensor calibration. At Vemco Group, we strive to find the ideal, most stable sensor for your exact needs.

    What industries use facility management solutions?

    Many industries use facility management solutions, including commercial real estate, healthcare, education, government, hospitality, and retail. Any industry that requires the management of physical facilities can benefit from facility management solutions.

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