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    Tenant Management

    Rent Like a Boss, Without Any Loss

    Outshine your competition, attract top-quality tenants, and improve customer experiences with automatic tenant management.

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    Tenant Management Lets You Say Goodbye To:

    Poor Communication

    We offer a transparent two-way communication system between mall owners and tenants to improve the overall relationship.

    Manual Processes

    Our tenant revenue management solution is completely automatic, allowing you to finally quit manual tenant turnover import.

    Segmentation Issues

    We help you discover the ideal mix of tenants by offering category segmentation and performance-based tenant ranking.

    Inefficient Layouts

    Optimize your mall or space layout by placing anchor stores in strategic places and improve the overall customer journey.



    Vemtenant is an extension to our in-house developed software, Vemcount, providing you with automatic tenant revenue management for improved tenancy interactions.

    Rent smarter, not harder with automatic tenant revenue management!

    Vemtenant: The Mall Industry’s Best Friend

    • Automated Tenant Revenue Import

    • Category Segmentation

    • Store Ranking Reports

    • Missing Revenue Alerts

    • Mall Layout Management

    • Tailored Reports

    • Calendar & Events

    • User-Based Access


    Our solution automates revenue management by importing tenant data from the mall. With this feature, you can focus on optimizing operations and revenue while saving time.

    Vemtenant Category-Segmentation-

    Categorizing tenants by business type helps identify revenue and customer behavior trends across categories. This enables informed decisions for better management.


    Quickly identify top-performing and underperforming stores with our ranking reports. This motivates tenants and drives increased revenue.


    Do not overlook revenue leaks. Our alerts notify you of potential revenue losses so you can act quickly to minimize losses.


    Your mall's layout affects customer experience. With our data-driven insights, you can make informed decisions on store placement to create a better experience.


    Make data-driven decisions with customized reports that cater to your mall's specific needs. Optimize your operations with the insights you need.


    Our built-in calendar allows you to add mall events, which can help you track how they affect sales and foot traffic.


    Ensure sensitive data remains secure with user-based access. Assign different access levels to authorized personnel only.

    Tenant Management for Your Industry

    Tenant Management is a flexible solution that can be customized to fit any industry that requires efficient management of tenant operations. By accurately tracking tenant usage and revenue data, businesses can gain valuable insights into tenant performance and optimize their operations for increased efficiency and revenue growth.

    With our tenant management platform, businesses can streamline communication with tenants, categorize tenants based on their business type, receive missing revenue alerts, and generate tailored reports that help them make data-driven decisions.


    Increase tenant retention rates and optimize mall operations with our tenant revenue management solution. Maximize sales through improved mall and tenant experiences.


    Optimize your layout and store placement, while streamlining communication with tenants in your airport using our innovative tenant management platform.

    Smart Cities

    Create sustainable and livable cities with our tenant management solution that helps you manage your properties efficiently. Attract high-quality tenants with our tenant management solution.

    Smart Buildings

    Maximize the efficiency of your building with tenant management. Optimize your revenue streams, reduce costs, and improve tenant experience with this smart solution.

    A Solution to Every Problem

    Luksusbaby A/S

    Luksusbaby wanted to view real-time, accurate KPIs regarding their physical stores, such as hit rate and conversion rate, for improved decision-making. 


    Our solution helped Luksusbaby take action based on facts rather than intuition, while discovering the age of their incoming visitors for accurate conversion rate data

    HiFi Klubben

    HiFi Klubben had previously faced challenges when it came to people counting, due to unstable and hypersensitive counting devices and were looking for an automatic, reliable solution.


    Through easy integration between our software and the company’s own ERP system, we delivered automatic software, using high-quality sensors with a minimum of 98% accuracy.


    Magasin had an outdated, unreliable people counting solution and wanted a hosted solution, exporting data into a central BI system to give them insight into customer behavior in all their department stores.


    We delivered an accurate, up-to-date people counting solution to Magasin, which allowed them to reduce operational costs by outsourcing their customer data to us.

    Odense Municipality

    Odense Municipality wanted to access insight into how the citizens and visitors of Odense use the city, and act on these insights based factual decision-making rather than intuition.


    To measure how the citizens and visitors of Odense use the shopping street, we cover all relevant entrances and exits with weather-resistant sensors that cover heights up to 20 meters.

    Odense v2

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is tenant management?

    Tenant management refers to the process of managing tenant relationships in a rental property, from lease agreements and rent collection and revenue management. Tenant management solutions can help streamline these processes and provide a centralized platform for managing tenant information and communications.

    What is tenant revenue management?

    Tenant revenue management is the process of managing and optimizing revenue from tenants in a rental property, such as a mall. Tenant revenue management solutions can provide insights into tenant behavior and revenue trends to help property managers make informed decisions. It helps them discover the ideal mix of stores in their mall or facility and create shop ranking reports that improve motivation among tenants.

    What are the benefits of using tenant management?

    Using a tenant management solution can provide a range of benefits, including:

    • Streamlining communication and documentation between tenants and property managers
    • Automating tenant revenue collection and import
    • Providing insights into tenant behavior and revenue trends
    • Improving tenant retention and attraction rates
    • Increasing overall profitability and efficiency of rental property management

    What industries can benefit from a tenant management solution?

    Any industry that involves managing rental properties and tenant relationships can benefit from a tenant management solution, including malls, commercial real estate, city centers, airports, and office buildings.

    How does tenant management and people counting work together?

    People counting is the process of tracking and analyzing foot traffic in a physical space, such as a retail store or shopping mall. Tenant management solutions can integrate with people counting technology to provide insights into customer behavior and preferences, which can inform decisions about store placement, marketing strategies, and tenant retention. For example, if people counting data shows that a particular store is attracting a high volume of foot traffic, property managers can use tenant management data to ensure that the store's lease agreement is renewed or negotiated to maximize revenue.

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