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    Queue Management

    Skip the Line with Customer Data

    Eliminate waiting, boost efficiency! Our queue management solution revolutionizes the way you handle queues, creating a seamless and satisfying customer experience.

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    Queue Management Lets You Say Goodbye To:

    Long Queues

    Our queue management solution helps physical stores overcome the challenge of long wait times by optimizing the flow of customers, ensuring prompt and efficient service.

    Dissatisfied Customers

    Avoid customer frustration and dissatisfaction by streamlining your queue flow throughout your space. With us, you will improve the overall experience of coming to your store.

    Customer Losses

    Reduce your queue abandonment rates and prevent potential customer losses with real-time access to wait times and queue formations, allowing you to act in time.

    Poor Service

    Queue management enables stores to optimize their service efficiency by identifying rush hours. Allocate resources effectively, optimize staffing levels, and improve your overall service.

    Our Queue Management Solution in Action

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    Heatmaps and Tracking Solution Laptop@2x


    Vemtrack is our full customer journey solution, providing you with access to dwell times and areas, so you are always on track with your queue formations.

    Vemtrack is the perfect queue management tool for you and your business.

    Vemtrack: The Ideal Solution for Queue Management

    • Queue Management

    • Dwell Times & Zones

    • Staff Optimization

    • GDPR Compliance

    • Layout Management

    • Product Placement


    Eliminate customer frustration and long queues with our smart queue management solution for seamless, efficient service.


    Discover the average wait times of your customers, as well as the areas they wait in. This way, you will know exactly when and where to act.


    Optimize staff allocation and resource management to deliver top-notch service and improve overall operational efficiency.


    Rest easy knowing that our queue management solution is fully GDPR compliant, protecting your customers' data.


    Effortlessly manage and customize your store layout to smooth queue formations that drive increased customer satisfaction and sales.


    Drive sales and enhance customer experience through strategic product placement, capturing attention and boosting impulse purchases – especially at check-out.

    Queue Management for Any Industry

    Our queue management solution offers versatile applications across industries, delivering invaluable insights into customer flow and operational performance.

    Designed for retail stores, malls, supermarkets, and more, it enables precise tracking of queue traffic and data. By harnessing these insights, businesses can optimize operations, enhance the customer experience, and achieve unparalleled success.


    Boost customer satisfaction and sales by reducing wait times and optimizing service efficiency with a queue management solution for retail.


    Transform the mall experience with seamless queue management, ensuring smooth customer flow, reduced congestion, and enhanced shopping pleasure.


    Streamline grocery shopping with a queue management solution that minimizes wait times, improves checkout efficiency, and elevates customer satisfaction.


    From theme parks to entertainment venues, optimize guest experiences by managing queues effectively, minimizing wait times, and maximizing enjoyment.

    education-and-public inst
    Education & Public Institutions

    Efficiently manage queues in schools and public institutions, ensuring smooth operations, organized processes, and enhanced visitor satisfaction.


    Deliver seamless travel experiences with efficient queue management at airports, reducing wait times, enhancing security procedures, and improving passenger satisfaction.

    Public Transportation

    Improve passenger flow with a queue management solution for public transportation, ensuring efficient and hassle-free journeys.

    Smart Cities

    Enhance urban mobility with a smart queue management system, optimizing traffic flow, reducing congestion, and improving the overall quality of life in smart cities.

    A Solution to Every Problem

    Luksusbaby A/S

    Luksusbaby wanted to view real-time, accurate KPIs regarding their physical stores, such as hit rate and conversion rate, for improved decision-making. 


    Our solution helped Luksusbaby take action based on facts rather than intuition, while discovering the age of their incoming visitors for accurate conversion rate data

    Daells Bolighus

    Daells Bolighus was struggling to keep up with the changing market and had been in economic deficit for 16 years. The main problems were old-fashioned marketing strategy and a lack of insight into customer data.


    Vemco Group installed people counters in both Daells Bolighus stores and integrated sales and visitor data from the physical stores with online data from their website, allowing them to view and compare data across locations.

    Daells Bolighus Vemco Group

    Magasin had an outdated, unreliable people counting solution and wanted a hosted solution, exporting data into a central BI system to give them insight into customer behavior in all their department stores.


    We delivered an accurate, up-to-date people counting solution to Magasin, which allowed them to reduce operational costs by outsourcing their customer data to us.

    Odense Municipality

    Odense Municipality wanted to access insight into how the citizens and visitors of Odense use the city, and act on these insights based factual decision-making rather than intuition.


    To measure how the citizens and visitors of Odense use the shopping street, we cover all relevant entrances and exits with weather-resistant sensors that cover heights up to 20 meters.

    Odense v2

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is queue management?

    Queue management refers to the strategic and efficient control of customer queues in various settings, such as retail stores, malls, airports, and more. It involves sensor technologies and analytics software to optimize customer flow, reduce wait times, and enhance overall customer satisfaction.

    Why is queue management important?

    Queue management is crucial for businesses and organizations to deliver a positive customer experience. It helps minimize customer frustration, increase service efficiency, optimize resource allocation, and improve operational performance. Effective queue management contributes to higher customer satisfaction, loyalty, and ultimately, business success.

    How does Vemco Group’s queue management solution work?

    Our queue management solution involves the use of sensors that transmit real-time queue status updates into our people counting and data analytics software. Staff can monitor and manage queues efficiently and in real-time. With access to detailed data analytics, businesses can also gain insight into improvement opportunities and event forecasting.

    Can Vemco Group’s queue management solution be customized to specific business needs?

    Yes, our queue management solution is flexible and customizable to meet the unique needs of different businesses. It can adapt to specific requirements, such as multiple service points, different types of queues, appointment scheduling, integration with existing systems, and branding customization.

    Is Vemco Group’s queue management solution suitable for businesses of all sizes?

    Yes, our solution is designed to cater to businesses of all sizes, from small establishments to large enterprises. The features and scalability of the system can be tailored to the specific needs and size of the business, ensuring it aligns with their operations and growth plans.

    How can a queue management system improve customer satisfaction?

    By reducing wait times, providing real-time updates, and optimizing service efficiency, a queue management solution significantly improves customer satisfaction. It helps create a smoother and more pleasant experience for customers, leading to increased loyalty, positive reviews, and improved brand reputation.

    Is it challenging to implement a queue management system?

    Implementing our queue management solution is a straightforward process with proper planning and support from our specialized team. The solution can be customized, installed, and integrated into existing operations with minimal disruption. Additionally, Vemco Group offers training and ongoing support to ensure a smooth implementation and effective utilization of the system.

    Can a queue management system help businesses comply with social distancing and safety regulations?

    Yes, absolutely! During Covid-19, our queue management solution assisted businesses in complying with social distancing and safety regulations. It managed customer flow, controlled capacity limits, and detected if customers were wearing their masks. These features contributed to creating a safer and more secure environment for both customers and staff.

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