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    Odense Municipality Becomes a Smart City

    Odense Municipality Becomes a Smart City

    Odense Municipality is the fourth most populous municipality in Denmark. As the birth city of the famous fairytale author H.C. Andersen, the city prides itself on being “the city of fairytales”. The city offers, among other things, a beautiful scenery, exciting museums and attractions, as well as a 3-kilometers-long shopping street. Discover how Odense Municipality improves the use of the shopping street with Vemcount.

    By integrating robust and weather-resistant outdoor sensors with our unique analytics software, Odense Municipality is now able to access insight into the use of the shopping street based on valid data from the real world rather than intuition.

    By getting accurate knowledge about how many people use the shopping street, Odense Municipality can:

    • Compare different time periods with each other, which gives a real understanding of how different events influence the number of visitors in the city.
    • Determine whether the pedestrian areas in the city are well-designed by analyzing movement patterns and observing where people tend to begin and end their journey on the shopping street.
    • Compare demographic data about the visitors, which provides insight into the number of children versus adults or females versus males, who use the pedestrian area.

    Through our customizable dashboard, Odense, as well as the city’s business owners, can understand exactly how the city is being used. This way, Odense Municipality has the opportunity to make quick but well-informed decisions regarding layout, marketing, tenants, and more.

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    Jacob Høffer Larsen Avatar

    Jacob Høffer Larsen

    Project Manager

    Smart City Odense

    "We have been satisfied with our collaboration with Vemco Group, which has shown us that it is possible to reliably and professionally monitor pedestrians on our shopping street. We see a great potential in developing and running our city better based on the insights that Vemco Group has given us."


    Odense Municipality partnered with Vemco Group to gain insights into the city's flow and improve its efficiency. The collaboration began as a test period during the “Smart City Programme” in 2017 and has since developed into a close partnership. The challenge involved two aspects: obtaining information about how citizens and visitors use the city and using this information as a factual basis for decision-making, rather than relying on intuition.

    Thus, Odense Municipality raised the following questions:

    • How can we measure traffic in the shopping street’s testing area 24 hours a day and use this knowledge in strategic, as well as operational, decision-making?
    • How do events influence the number of visitors in the city?
    • How do we ensure the city spaces are optimally designed?

    To solve the challenge that Odense Municipality faced, it required sensors that provide accurate measurements of visitors on the shopping street, in all kinds of weather - day or night. Vemco Group uses market-leading outdoor sensor technology to meet this challenge. These sensors cover heights up to 20 meters unrelated to weather or temperature influences.

    To measure how the citizens and visitors of Odense use the shopping street, we covered all relevant entrances and exits. We also implemented advanced height filtration to separate children from adults in the counts. The sensors are integrated with our software, allowing Odense Municipality to follow the number of pedestrians in real-time via an online dashboard while selected employees receive daily data reports

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