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    HiFi Klubben Optimizes Its Business

    HiFi Klubben Optimizes Its Business

    HiFi Klubben has delivered uncompromising music and movie experiences since 1980. With more than 90 stores in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Germany, as well as four national online stores, HiFi Klubben provides high quality hi-fi throughout Europe. Learn how HiFi Klubben optimizes its business and achieves key data insights with our Vemcount solution.

    For years, HiFi Klubben had been searching for the right data analytics and people counting solution, which could provide accurate and reliable data. After choosing Vemcount in all their chain stores, HiFi Klubben found a match that fits their needs.

    By integrating high-quality sensors with our software, we delivered monthly reports, which allowed HiFi Klubben to:

    • Calculate conversion rates to understand whether employees are effectively converting visitors into customers.
    • Receive accurate customer data and comprehensive support that ensures any sensor issues or unstable counting units are taken care of immediately.
    • Access analytical tools that streamline decision-making processes about visitors, allocation of employees, and evaluation of store activities and events.

    You Are Only As Good As Your Customers Say

    Henrik Wieben Avatar

    Henrik Wieben

    Country Manager

    HiFi Klubben Denmark

    "Over the years, we have tested a handful of different people counting solutions, which unfortunately have disappointed us at every turn. Finally, with help from Vemco Group, we have found the right solution. A valid and good quality solution ensuring that we can optimize our business and measure the performance of our stores."


    When we first connected with HiFi Klubben, they were already familiar with the concepts of data analytics and people counting. They had previously tried various counting solutions, ranging from infrared to Wi-Fi devices. However, each time they faced the same issue of unstable and hypersensitive counting devices that resulted in unreliable data. Additionally, they wanted an automated solution that could eliminate manual count entry.

    HiFi Klubben had the following questions:

    • How do we ensure that our sensors are online and stable in all our stores?
    • How do we obtain valid traffic data that are automatically reported into our ERP system?
    • How do we measure if our employees are converting visitors into customers?

    To fulfill HiFi Klubben's need for reliable traffic data, high-quality 3D sensors were necessary. By incorporating sensors into all chain store entrances and integrating them with our unique software solution, HiFi Klubben now has access to numerous actionable key traffic figures with a minimum accuracy rate of 98%.

    Each store and its management have access to these key figures on their individual dashboards and in tailored reports. Moreover, the traffic data is automatically reported into the company's ERP system via Vemfusion, where it is combined with sales figures to calculate conversion rates automatically.

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