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    Joakim to Boost Vemco Group's Swedish Presence

    Joakim to Boost Vemco Group's Swedish Presence

    Vemco Group is continuously growing, making new additions to our team, and venturing into new locations across the globe. Currently, we are focusing on a strengthened presence in Scandinavia by establishing new local support and sales departments in Sweden.

    Joakim Scheibe has more than 20 years of experience in sales and account management across industries and has signed up for the role of Country Manager for Sweden at Vemco Group.

    “As the new Country Manager, I will help Vemco grow in Sweden, hopefully gaining more customers, partners, and employees in the area,” he says and continues: “The Swedish market is huge and very exciting. There is a definite need for the products Vemco Group offers”

    An Extrovert with a Passion for the Retail Industry

    To describe himself, Joakim says that he is a “very social, outgoing, and happy guy who loves sales, as well as people”. Therefore, he is excited to embark on his adventure as the new Country Manager, where he gets to build trust with new and existing customers: Customers whom he would like to regard as valuable partners.

    “It is key to view customers as partners, where both parties are interested in success,” he says. Joakim will thus use his strong social skills and extroverted nature to establish transparent and trustful relationships across Sweden and the Nordics.Of special interest to Joakim is the retail industry and the potential relationship to build herein. With 7 years of experience within the POS industry, he is especially excited to enter the retail market with Vemco Group’s solution in his back pocket: “Where I came from, we had a close relationship with Vemco, meaning I have always known that Vemco Group has amazing products, which the customers love!”

    An All-Encompassing Software & Future Developments

    Vemco Group’s software, and all it does for the customers, is not the only great thing Joakim finds about working for the company. He sees an amazing opportunity to not only work for a company focused on being the best in what they are doing, but also represent what he calls “state of the art technology”.

    “I am excited to work for a company that is flexible regarding the market and what the customer needs,” he says and continues to list the things that made him want to work for the Vemco Group: “A huge company but still a small one regarding the number of employees, meaning you still have an impact with the things you do. Your voice is always heard”.

    Joakim is excited to present new and existing customers in Scandinavia with A.I. sensor technology that provides them with valuable business KPIs and data analytics. Additionally, he is looking forward to seeing what the future holds in this area: “To see if we get a boom, when it comes to IoT devices and technology is exciting! This technology will give almost any information you could wish for in your store or mall!”

    We are happy to welcome Joakim into the family, where we are sure he will make a valuable contribution!

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