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    4 Ways People Counting is Transforming the Healthcare Industry

    4 Ways People Counting is Transforming the Healthcare Industry

    In the healthcare industry, preventing the spread of highly infectious diseases, such as COVID-19, poses significant challenges. To address this, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and other healthcare facilities are turning to technology for an added layer of security in their patient care model and prevention strategy.

    In particular, people counting and data analytics are emerging as critical elements in preventing fatalities, alongside traditional medical equipment and devices.

    This article focuses on the role of people counting and data analytics in protecting healthcare providers' and patients' safety while optimizing operations.

    People counting sensors can be installed at the entrance and exit of healthcare facilities and other strategic areas to measure foot traffic, flow patterns, dwell zones, and social distancing. The data collected is analyzed using smart software, such as Vemcount, to generate insightful reports and customized dashboards to instigate informed, fact-based decision-making.

    Four ways healthcare facilities are using people counting and data analytics to optimize operations and keep people safe are:

    • Detecting social distancing and mask-wearing compliance 3D People counting sensors measure the distance between people and send alerts when a safe distance is breached. AI functionality can also detect individuals without masks, enabling staff to intervene promptly. Notifications can be set up to alert staff when occupancy reaches predetermined volumes.
    • Optimizing healthcare facility layout People counting data can be analyzed to identify the most used routes, entrances, exits, and dwell times in specific areas. With this information, healthcare facilities can focus on the busiest areas and implement extra safety measures, redirect traffic, or optimize facility layout.
    • Enhancing service levels Healthcare staff can identify where service levels are not meeting demand by analyzing footfall data. Real-time alerts can be sent when long queues form and patients or visitors are not attended to. Additionally, deeper insights into popular areas with high footfall enable the placement of seating areas or vending machines in strategic places.
    • Optimizing facility management and resource allocation Footfall data can help healthcare facilities identify the busy and less busy times of the day, week, month, and year to schedule staff rosters and allocate resources more efficiently.

    Vemco Group is a leading people counting and data analytics provider. Our solutions are specially customized to each industry with visitor flows. Healthcare facilities considering implementing a people counting system can benefit from improved safety measures, optimized operations, and cost reduction.

    Contact Vemco Group today to discuss your needs and let us tailor a solution that fits you.

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