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    Upgrade Your People Counting System to the Future

    Is your business still relying on an outdated people counting system that leaves you guessing about your footfall traffic and customer behavior? It is time to step into the future of data-driven decision-making with Vemco Group's modern people counting solution.

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    Discover the Vemco Advantage:


    Accuracy Counts

    Say goodbye to unreliable data and hello to unparalleled accuracy. Our advanced technology ensures real-time and precise people counting, giving you insights that you can trust.

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    Seamless Integration

    Upgrading should never be a hassle. Our solution seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure, allowing you to minimize disruption and maximize your results.


    Data Security

    Your customer data deserves the utmost protection. With Vemco Group, you benefit from industry-leading security protocols that safeguard sensitive information, ensuring compliance and peace of mind.

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    Cloud-Based Efficiency

    Access your data anytime, anywhere. Our cloud-based platform lets you monitor foot traffic and trends remotely, granting you the freedom to manage your business on your terms.

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    Actionable Insights

    Make informed decisions with confidence. Our system provides you with in-depth insights into traffic patterns, peak hours, and more, empowering you to optimize staffing, marketing, and operations.

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    Tailored Reports

    Your business is unique, and so are your reporting needs. We empower you with customizable reports that focus on the metrics that matter most. Get the insights you need, presented the way you want.


    Ready to Step into the Future?

    Don't let an outdated people counting system hold your business back. Elevate your insights, enhance your decision-making, and embrace the future of retail intelligence with Vemco Group.