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    Per-Olof Thrilled to Join Vemco Group, Serving the Best Brand

    Per-Olof Thrilled to Join Vemco Group, Serving the Best Brand

    Many years in the business have given Per-Olof Andersson a strong foothold at Vemco Group, stepping in as the new Business Development Manager. With his newfound position, residing and operating in Gothenburg, Sweden, Per-Olof will handle the shopping mall industry in the Nordics and Baltics.

    “I have spent my entire career, which is 25+ years, in the business area of people counting. So, I have, during all those years, represented the major brands in the business, now including Vemcount,” he says. During Per-Olof’s many years of experience with people counting, he has worked for brands, such as PassCheck by Actron, Q-matic, and Futurum Solutions, and for the past 5 years as Regional Sales Manager at ShopperTrak in the Nordics and Baltics.

    However, Per-Olof notes that having years of experience is not always pivotal: “I have the experience for sure, but it is not all about the experience, it is also about representing the best brand”. Thus, he is incredibly excited to work for Vemco Group, whom he believes offers the best solution on the market: “To me, it is really a pleasure to go out and meet the market and offer this solution (Vemcount), which is absolutely the best I have ever seen and worked with!”

    Having been in the people counting business for as long as Per-Olof has, you naturally get to see all the major brands, including their software and the functionality they offer. Per-Olof was “impressed and astonished” by the Vemcount solution. To him, functionality is key, and he believes Vemcount is way ahead of all the other solutions he has seen on the market: “For me, after I have seen the functionality of Vemcount, there is no doubt that this is the absolute leading solution on the entire market!”

    Per-Olof is Ready to Change the Shopping Mall Industry

    Throughout his career, Per-Olof has focused on the shopping mall industry and how this segment can benefit from people counting solutions, including the industry’s requirement for two-way communication tenant revenue systems and smart parking systems with counting and guidance functionality – all integrated into one single solution. Per-Olof draws heavily on his experience in the shopping mall industry, in the Nordics and Baltics, which extends over smaller centers to the biggest ones, such as Unibail-Rodamco, Westfield, Klépierre, and Akropolis Centers.

    Therefore, Per-Olof is incredibly excited about Vemco Group’s Vemtenant and Vempark solutions, which will help optimize shopping malls. Since 2012, Vemco Group has - in close collaboration with major shopping mall chains, including Danske Shoppingcentre (DSC), Datea, Newsec, and more - been working on and developing the Vemtenant solution. The solution offers a transparent and credible two-way communication system to improve the relationship between mall owners and their tenants. Most mall owners and tenants strive to build their relationship on trust, transparency, and credibility, which is made possible through this specially designed feature to help manage tenant revenue.

    “Vemtenant will be incredibly important,” says Per-Olof and continues: “Also, the Vempark solution for the shopping center business. That will give a full solution to offer the market; people counting in combination with Vemtenant and Vempark. This is basically the best thing you can offer the shopping center business today.”

    Per-Olof is more than ready to meet the shopping mall industry with the innovative solutions Vemco Group has to offer. With Vemtenant and Vempark in his back pocket, Per-Olof is ready to step into the business that is well-familiar to him and satisfy customers across the Nordics and Baltics: “It is really to show the market how this should be done!”

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