Track your customers

Improving customer experience begins by understanding how your customers interact with your brand. By tracking your customers, you will get a wide range of metrics about customer interaction and walking patterns.

Queue Management

Keep track of queue length and waiting time to ensure satisfied customers

Dwell Time

Measure dwell time and evaluate the effectiveness of displays and exhibitions

Store Optimization

Design your store layout according to hot and cold zones and walking patterns

Customer Journey

Track your customers and identify their preferred paths and movement behavior

More than people counting

Where are the hot spots? The dead areas? Which campaigns are effective? A unique multisensor technology allows multiple sensors to be stitched together enabling Vemcount to provide visual and numeric insights about occupancy of zones and traffic patterns in real time or in a particular time period. This information can be used to evaluate the impact of product placements and window displays on customer flows and dwell time. Design your store layout accordingly and maximize your profitability.

We’ve been satisfied with our collaboration with Vemco Group A/S, which has shown us that it’s possible to reliably and professionally monitor pedestrians on our shopping street. We see a great potential in developing and running our city better based on the insights that Vemco Group A/S has given us.

Jacob Høffer LarsenProject Manager, Smart City Odense

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Improve promotional activities

Ensure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns by obtaining insights on where customers have a tendency to congregate. Use our heat mapping feature to measure the success of your promotional activities.

Optimize store layout

Do we have a sufficient number of fitting rooms? How do we avoid creating dead zones? Make informed decisions about product placements and visual merchandise by tracking your customers’ every move.

Fully GDPR compliant

We have audited our internal processes, reviewed and made the appropriate changes to our procedures and policies to make sure we are compliant.

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