Manage your staff

Staff management involves a wide range of metrics vital to make informed decisions and improve customer service. Identify your staff, find out how they interact with customers, and make shift planning easier.

Staff Exclusion

Detect your staff and exclude them from footfall counts for more accurate data

Service Level

Measure interaction time and how your staff engages with customers

Shift Planning

Use historical data to predict power hours and plan in advance how to allocate your staff

Real-time alerts

Generate real-time alerts to maintain the desired service level by reducing wait time

Real-time alerts and notifications

Generate real time alerts to maintain the desired level of occupancy. You may want to allocate more staff to a congested area, open a new checkout counter or keep track of low-performing zones. Let the dashboard alert you in real time by visual means or have the notification delivered straight to assigned email-addresses.

Improve customer service levels

Reliably identify and track customer wait time and staff engagement to satisfy your customers’ need for immediate response. Ensure that your existing customers keep coming back by maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.

Make staff planning easier

Make your daily operations easier by integrating Vemcount with your staff management system. Plan your shifts according to fluctuations in traffic and reduce stress from unstable work schedules.

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