The technological fight against COVID-19

70% of the retail market already has the technology to measure live inside

Vemco Group A / S from Fredericia is equipped with the technology that can help stores fight COVID-19. The technology shows live measurements for the stores, so they have an overview of visitors and the availability at the store


Vemco Group sits on 70% of the retail market, that already has the latest technology, which simply have to be activated for live inside

Live inside

Tell your customers how many visitors are in the store at the moment


Live Inside ensures that you are notified when the visitor limit has been reached

“We are in the process of informing our customers about this helpful function. Activation of the function is without cost and solely to help with the given situation.”

Anel Turkanovic


In addition, in close cooperation with SDU, Vemco Group has developed algorithms for the analysis platform Vemcount, which helps to show whether customers comply with the given safety concerns about distance. We are currently testing this feature with one of our partners, which is a leading Danish retail chain. The next step is to show customers live data in stores, to make them aware of staying away from each other.


“We are doing everything we can to help our community minimize the spread, hoping that we can get out of this difficult situation together.”

Anel Turkanovic

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