Know your customers

By understanding the demographic composition of your customers, you are better suited to make valuable decisions and achieve success for your business. With our solution, you get reliable statistics about your customers.

Height Filtration

Exclude children from footfall counts or get separate counts for adults and children

Gender Distribution

Get insights about the demographics of your visitors to create more targeted marketing

Verify the identity of your clients

Who is walking through the door? The gender recognition technology provides a solution to gather reliable statistics about your customers. Understanding the demographics of your customers is critical for the success of any enterprise. Profile your customers and target them better.

Measure the success of your marketing campaigns

Assess how your marketing efforts perform in terms of demographics with the gender recognition technology and adjust your campaigns accordingly.

React in real time to changes in customer demographics

Redesign your store to fit the preferences of your target group and let your digital signage solutions automatically reflect the demographic composition of your customers. Leverage on your knowledge about the gender distribution to adjust your product range and train your staff accordingly.

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