Integrate your data

Integrating multiple datasets into one platform will make it easier to reveal the correlations between data. When data from different sources are combined, you are able to to create more in-depth analyzes and get more accurate conclusions.

Point-of-sales Systems

 Get live insights about key performance indicators and find out how sales correlate with traffic

Workforce Management Systems

Make staff planning easier by using historical traffic data to predict power hours

Business Intelligence Systems

Avoid working in silos by integrating data from multiple departments into one platform

One unified platform

With a coherent digital infrastructure, your work processes will be streamlined and your employees will experience a value that contributes positively to the daily decisions and work processes.

Access and navigate through multiple data sources with ease by integrating Vemcount with data from your existing systems. Discover correlations and add depth to your analysis. Integrate Vemcount with your ERP, BI, POS, workforce and other systems for an all-encompassing solution.

Current integrations

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