Vemcount Analytics

With retail analytics, your business has access to
actionable key figures about customer behavior

Vemcount is an advanced, but user-friendly retail analytics tool providing the basis for fact-based decision making. With a close relationship to our clients in the development of our technology, we ensure always keeping ahead of competition and staying relevant for our clients and their businesses.


At-a-glance view of KPI's

Build your dashboard from scratch or choose a template from the library to get live insights about your business

Real-time alerts

Generate real time alerts and notifications to maintain the desired level of occupancy and improve customer service

Customizable reports

Get valuable insights across multiple data sources and see how they relate. Use historical data to optimize your operational effectiveness

Share your stats

With an embedding function, your dashboards can be easily shared anywhere on your website with a simple copy & paste of a single code

Data integration

Access and navigate through multiple data sources with ease by integrating your data from independent systems

Sensor checker

By letting our supporters monitor the system and ensure the daily operations, we can guarantee delivery of data up to 98% accuracy

Vemcount is retail analytics made simple

Vemcount is a configurable and user-friendly retail analytics solution that allows you to create and access traffic data. View and divide traffic data by minute, hour, day, week, month or year, monitor performance and access data in real-time. Compare visitor data across different periods or locations. The data can easily be exported and presented in various spreadsheet applications or as PDF-files directly from the report page.

Our solutions

Count your customers

Track your customers

Know your customers

Manage your staff

Integrate your data

We provide everything from A to Z

Vemco Group is your solution provider within retail analytics. We deliver the complete solution from hardware, software and integrations to support and consultancy. Discover our tracking solutions and find out how we can help your business.

From retail stores to airports

Over the years, we have empowered a wide variety of businesses within different industries to gain deep insights into their own operations as well as the behaviour of consumers visiting the stores. From retail stores to airports. Find out how your business can benefit from Vemcount.


A fast and secure cloud based solution

We utilize an interconnected network of multiple cloud servers on five different continents by SoftLayer in order to provide our clients with the best possible online experience, wherever you are in the world.

Excel- or csv-files can be sent automatically to users’ e-mails or a FTP-server, so data can be easily integrated into your company’s current internal Business Intelligence-, Business Warehouse- or ERP-systems.

Security and speed are our top priorities. All information and data are encrypted by a high-grade encryption (128 bit SSL keys).

Hosted Cloud Solution
Private Cloud Solution
  • Significantly lower maintenance costs
  • No downtime, no reboots
  • Faster report generation
  • Accessibility from any web browser
  • No hardware purchases required
  • Monthly fee, pay as you go
  • Environmentally desirable solution
  • Private access within a closed and secure network
  • Greater limit of historical data
  • No internet connection required
  • May be accessed across different networks
  • Automatic updates
  • Fixed budget – one off price