Tracking Solutions

With a people counting solution, your business become
wiser about everything from customer flow to service level

Vemco Group has partnered up with suppliers of the most reliable and accurate devices in the market within people counting, traffic flow measurement and in-store analytics. We cover areas of any size, are able to exclude unnecessary factors from counts and even in challenging conditions, we detect customers with up to 98% accuracy. Get an overview of our tracking solutions below. 

People Counting

Register the number of visitors entering and exits a location. Keep track of passers-by and how many people visiting a location in real time or within a specific time period. Explore peak times per year, month, week and hour

Height Filtration

Achieve higher accuracy in counts and conversion rates by excluding children or get separate counts for children and adults. You’re also able to exclude irrelevant objects from counts, e.g. shopping carts and clothing racks

Dwell Zones

Register the number of visitors and average dwell time spent in a zone. Measure queue length and waiting time, and generate real-time alerts to get notified, when a count exceeds a certain level


Get a visual view of visitors’ walking paths. By understanding visitors’ movement patterns, you’re better suited to optimize product placements, store layout and marketing activities

Wifi Tracking

Register the number of WiFi devices in an area and get an indication of passers-by

Staff Exclusion

Identify and exclude staff from counts to achieve higher accuracy and conversion rates

Service Level

Measure average customer wait time before being served. By exploring service level and measure customer interaction time, you know where to take action to improve customer service


Register the number of visitors in dark areas. Keep track of how many people visiting a location in real time with live insight or for a specific time period with historical data


Register the number of vehicles in real time or for a specific time period. Count outdoor traffic on a location, measure umber of visitors at a drive-in or identify peak times for parking

Gender Distribution

Discover the gender distribution of visitors to create a valid customer profile. Target campaigns and evaluate your product range to match the customer profile

High accuracy counting solutions provide the basis for success

For more than 14 years, we have innovated the retail analytics industry with Vemcount, providing our clients with valuable insights for quick and effective decision making in a landscape where shopper behavior changes rapidly. This is, by integrating our software with the most reliable and accurate counting devices in the market that employ high-level IT developments.

Reduce operational costs
by letting us handle the devices

Programming & Installing

Programming and installing the devices are easily done by our own experienced technical staff

Calibration & Validation

After every installation, our team calibrates and monitors the quality of the devices, ensuring an accurate data output

Software Configuration

By integrating Vemcount with the devices, we turn data into insights available on a user-friendly dashboard or as customizable reports

Sensor Checker

By letting our supporters monitor the system and ensure the daily operations, we guarantee delivery of data up to 98% accuracy

Integrate your current devices

Replacing your hardware is a big expense which often leads to companies being stuck with their current provider. With Vemcount your old hardware is reborn without the need of a total roll-out replacement. Devices from companies like Axis, Brickstream, Delopt, Divio, Hella, Hikvision, Irisys, Moxa, Pyramics, Sigma, TDI, Vivotex, and Xovis are already integrated with Vemcount.

If your current people counting device is not mentioned above, please contact us and we will figure out a way to integrate your current solution with Vemcount.

Vemcount Analytics

Vemcount is our unique, configurable and user-friendly software solution providing reliable data helping our clients make informed decisions that positively impact sales. With insights about number of visitors, customer behavior and store performance, we make it easier for our clients to create effective marketing and operational decisions and understand the related impact.

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