Queue Management Solution

Our sensors track visitors' journey and dwell time where they are stationary. Vemtrack uses the dwell time to calculate the queue lengths. Queue Management is perfect for creating a better customer experience.

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Effective Queue Management Solution

Many business owners and managers do not realize the importance of managing checkout lines. Specific customers have no patience for waiting in long queues and quickly get annoyed and frustrated.

One in every three potential customers leaves the store if they have to wait more than five minutes to pay. Retailers experience revenue losses of up to 39% due to long queues.

Our solution Vemtrack can help you reduce your customers' frustrations and better organize your staff. Accurate 3d sensors monitor congestion patterns and enable you to forecast when and where queues occur.

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How Does Queue Management Work?

Vemtrack offers you automated queue monitoring to identify if your service's quality is consistent with your audience's expectations. It anonymously calculates the number of customers at the checkout queues and the average time they spent there.

These key metrics are critical for retailers to manage their personnel and prevent potential customer losses caused by long waiting times.

👣 Follow the queues waiting in real-time.

👣 Receive alerts and automatic notifications.

👣 If you need to open another cashier, the system
will warn you.

👣 Keep your staff focused on sales.

Real-Time Notifications
Our software provides real-time data through its customizable dashboard, which generates alerts when a count exceeds a certain level, for example, to inform long queues.
Our software creates reports with insights into queue lengths, peak queue times, or average waiting times. The data can be exported in Excel and PDF.
Group Identification
Our people counters identify groups of people who are walking together. If a couple is in the queue, they are registered as a single unit. It guarantees an accurate prediction of the time spent in the queue.
Staff Exclusion
Exclude staff members in the queue areas, so they are not counted in the analysis. Track queues around helpdesks and information areas to identify the engagement between visitors and staff, including their interaction time.
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Minimize Queue Lengths for Optimized Customer Experiences

Research shows that the average customer is willing to wait no longer than 14 minutes before leaving your store empty-handed, frustrated, and likely never to return.

While there are many theories behind the psychology of queueing, the factors that frustrate customers the most are uncertain and unexplained waits.

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With Vemtrack, you can efficiently manage the customer experience through various strategic measures.

You can register the number of visitors in your store, measure queue length and average customer wait time before they are served, and generate real-time alerts to get notified when a count exceeds a certain level.

Access to these all-important metrics allows you to put strategies in place to minimize long waiting times, allocate extra staff during busy periods, and optimize product placements for dwell zones and high-traffic areas.

With Vemtrack You Can:

Understand Customer Behavior
Allocate Staff
Reduce Costs
Reduce Abandonment Rate
Optimize Workforces
Discover Average Service Time
Predict Queue Length

"We know from the authorities that the queues in supermarkets are a critical place with regard to contagion. As a researcher, I am used to working with data from buildings and people’s movements. It suddenly struck me that if we can give people a visual real-time view of how close they are to each other in the queues, we might encourage them to increase the distance to one another."

Mikkel Baun Kjærgaard - Professor at SDU
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