Facilities Management

Enhance your facilities management with access to our accurate real-time data insight into occupancy levels and visitor flow. We offer you all-inclusive software to help you create outstanding office experiences and improve your staff management.

Facilities management

The Perfect Solution for Facility Managers

A smoothly-running facility is vital to the overall operation of any establishment from office spaces to libraries, universities, and other public sector buildings.

It is essential to introduce innovative devices throughout your facility to access the data required to make your building more smart, more resourceful, and more effective overall.

We will place smart sensors around your facility to measure footfall occupancy on each floor and in each room. Our software, then, uses the collected data to control capacity levels during peak times by sending out real-time alerts.

With us, you can manage resources, staff, and indoor climate through access to footfall and IoT data. All of this is to create buildings that promote a healthy and efficient working environment for your employees.

Software Benefits

Optimized office layout based on people occupancy
Reduction of overflows in common areas and toilets
Optimized use of capacity during peak times
Streamlined time- and staff management
IoT-enabled management of indoor climate
Improved allocation of resources and on-demand cleaning

Real-Time Alerts & Notifications

Program real-time alerts to maintain the desired level of occupancy. You may want to allocate more staff to a congested area, open a new checkout counter, or keep track of low-performing zones.

Let the dashboard alert you in real-time through visual warnings or set the notification to be delivered straight to assigned email addresses or phones via SMS.

On-Demand Cleaning

On-Demand Cleaning

Facilities management enables on-demand cleaning through efficient resource- and staff management. With the use of IoT technology, you can accurately keep track of the usage of restrooms in your facility.
By knowing the peaks of occupancy, you will know exactly where and when cleaning is needed. This way, you will not waste staff and resources on cleaning unless it is necessary.

Receive email or SMS alerts, when the restroom needs attendance and a restock of resources, to ensure inviting and hygienic restrooms across your facility.

By reducing the workload cleaning staff spends on areas they are not needed, facility management can make cost-saving and resource-effective decisions.


Last week's Mapic was an absolute blast and we are now ready to bring you one of the many highlights: Our Innovation Stage panel discussion! Moderated by Gary Burrows, the discussion centered around the topic "Taking the Customer Experience to the Next Level", in which our amazing panelists sat down to disclose their secrets to above-and-beyond customer experiences in various industries. Many questions were discussed here, one being: how can we use data to elevate the customer experience?


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