Beyond the Pandemic

Our contribution to Covid-19 has helped businesses track and control live occupancy, social distancing, and whether customers are wearing their face masks.


The Ultimate Solution for a Safe Reopening of Your Business

During Covid-19, people struggled to keep their businesses alive due to the necessary restrictions and global governmental requirements that were imposed.

We came up with a solution that met those requirements, allowing business owners to safely reopen their facilities.

With our expertise in people counting, customer behavior, and data analytics, we have equipped businesses with queue- and occupancy management solutions that let them reopen in safe and efficient ways.


"We know from the authorities that the queues in supermarkets are a critical place with regard to contagion. As a researcher, I am used to working with data from buildings and people’s movements. It suddenly struck me that if we can give people a visual real-time view of how close they are to each other in the queues, we might encourage them to increase the distance to one another."

Mikkel Baun Kjærgaard - Professor at SDU
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Social Distancing
Real-Time Occupancy
Face Mask Detection

Live Occupancy

To prevent the spread of Covid-19, maximum capacity restrictions were put in place to limit the number of people gathering in one place. Our solution counts the exact number of people entering and exiting a place, in real-time.

With access to this live data, you can directly transmit live occupancy levels via screens to your customers, enabling them to know if it is safe to enter.

This automatic feature will also take pressure off the employees, who need not worry if there are too many people inside their store.

Live Occupancy

Social Distancing

To uphold the 2-meter distance rule, our solution measures the social distance between customers in real-time – both around the entire facility and in queues

We have the best solutions for you safely reopen your business

We have the best solutions for you safely reopen your business

Facial Mask Recognition

To support the government’s push for a safer environment by wearing face masks, we developed our solution to help retailers, malls, supermarkets, and other public places ensure these are being worn. 

The A.I. within our sensors detects the mask via facial recognition. By placing displays outside your facility, you can remind people, who are not wearing their masks, to put them on before entering. You can also set real-time notifications to alert staff or security if masks are not being worn.


Covid-19 temperature detection with vemcount software

Temperature Detection

Ensuring that a person with an elevated temperature does not enter your facility is another important step for customer safety. We provide temperature detection, which can be displayed on screens to limit staff interaction for their own safety.

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