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Shopping mall data analytics

Improve your mall performance

We offer a configurable report module, which keeps track of every store’s performance in your mall by sorting them into categories, such as hardware, shoes, men’s clothing, food, and more. This way, we help mall owners improve their tenant interactions by sharing sales statements, real-time performance dashboards, and shop ranking reports.

Additionally, with our solutions, you can understand the complete journey of each visitor by tracking their every move throughout your mall. This knowledge helps you optimize store placements while enhancing your marketing activities. 

"We use Vemcount to measure the traffic at our entrances, so we get an idea of where the customers come from and when the number of visitors peaks during a day, week, month or year. This gives us, among other things, a tool for planning our marketing and activity calendar and subsequently evaluating on these activities."

Janni Baslund Dam - Mall Manager, BROEN Shopping
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What Makes Us Special

Customizable Dashboard
Real-Time Data
Tailor-Made Reports
Accessible Anywhere, Anytime
High-Accuracy Sensors
Easy Integration

Discover our solutions specially designed to help malls:

Vemtenant Tenant Revenue Management

Our tenant turnover reporting module, Vemtenant, helps mall owners keep track of their stores’ turnover, allowing them to adjust tenancy pricings accordingly and optimize their mall layout to increase profit. 

Vemcount People Counting & Data Analytics

Vemcount helps mall owners count the exact number of customers entering and exiting their mall. The solution helps you prepare for peak times by counting total visitors per hour, day, week, month, or year. 

Vemtrack Visitor Journey & Tracking

Vemtrack tracks the customer throughout their entire visit to your mall to help you understand customer journey, including movement patterns, dwell areas, and dwell times. 

Vemiot Business Automation

Enhance your mall competence and automate your business by connecting, communicating, and managing all your devices and applications centrally with IoT technology. 

Vemfusion System Integration

To help mall owners, we ensure easy API and CSV integration with your preferred and existing POS, BI, and ERP systems. 

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