Education & Public Institutions

Education & Public Institutions

Universities, schools, libraries, and other public institutions are facing the increasingly costly and challenging times of the digital era, where meeting the ever-changing demands is crucial for their survival. This is where we help.

Student People Counting

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Throughout the day, vast masses of people move around the premises and in between lecture halls, reading rooms, cafeterias, and more. Monitoring the daily traffic flow through each facility is necessary to manage the entire institution effectively.

Our solutions let you discover the total number of visitors, as well as the full visitor journey. With insight into popular areas, queue times, occupancy levels, and more, you can optimize your facility and reduce costs by allocating the correct number of staff and resources.

"We know from the authorities that the queues in supermarkets are a critical place with regard to contagion. As a researcher, I am used to working with data from buildings and peopleโ€™s movements. It suddenly struck me that if we can give people a visual real-time view of how close they are to each other in the queues, we might encourage them to increase the distance to one another."

Mikkel Baun Kjรฆrgaard - Professor at SDU
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What Makes Us Special

Customizable Dashboard
Real-Time Data
Tailor-Made Reports
Accessible Anywhere, Anytime
High-Accuracy Sensors
Easy Integration

Discover our solutions specially designed to help education and public institutions:

Vemcount People Counting & Data Analytics

Vemcount helps the education sector and public institutions measure occupancy levels inside their facilities and in various zones. By optimizing people flows via meaningful data, they are enabled to avoid potential overcrowding inside classrooms, reading halls, and more.

Vemtrack Visitor Journey & Tracking

Improve the overall student or visitor experience by discovering data-driven ways to optimize your facility with insight into visitor journey, dwell time and zones, queue lengths, and traffic patterns. Vemtrack lets you reduce queue times by allocating staff when needed, identifying popular zones and understanding the means to capitalize off of these and ensure a smoothly running flow throughout your institution.

Vemiot Business Automation

Via small wireless IoT sensors placed below tables, our solution detects desk presence enabling you to detect the occupation status of desks in your facility. While keeping track of the usage of various areas, you can also control temperature, humidity, and Co2 levels to ensure a pleasant study environment.ย 

Vemfusion System Integration

To help people in the education or public sector, we ensure easy integration with your preferred and existing booking, POS, BI, ERP, and API systems.

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