Today you have lots of opportunities when it comes to transportation. Whether it’s a bicycle, car or public transportation.

How much do we know about our infrastructure? Are we going into the specifics of the travelers journeys?
E.g. How many uses the public transportation? How do they use it and when are the rush hour kicking in?
Do we know where the passengers are going?


It’s now possible to plan the public transportations ahead of time due to the knowledge gained by the new advanced 3D technology.
Rush hours, new routes  and space management of the vehicles is now easier than ever. The new 3D technology
is a crucial part of our sensors and has been developed to accurately count passengers in public transportations.



With this new technology, you do not only get insights of how the public traffic is flowing at the moment, but you will gain insights on how the public traffic is flowing over a long period of time, which can be used to forecast a more precise action plan for all of the public transportation units.



The new advanced technology is not only for counting passengers, it is so intelligent that it can separate items from people, such as baggage, wheelchairs, bicycles and prams. This gives a bigger insight in the use of the public transportations and the space used on the vehicles and it gives the insights on the needs of e.g. a wheelchair ramp.

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