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Vemtenant is developed in close collaboration with mall industry leaders and offers a transparent, trustful, and credible two-way communication system to strengthen the relationship between mall owners and their tenants. 

Vemtenant Tenant Revenue Management

By importing turnover from tenants automatically, this solution helps mall owners improve their tenant interactions by sharing sales statements, real-time performance dashboards, and shop ranking reports. 

Shared data lets mall owners know what goes on inside a store, while tenants get valuable data about what happens outside of their store. 

Optimize your mall with valuable data received from your tenants and ensure extended mall visits with satisfied customers. 

Create a mall of experiences

Automatic Turnover Reports
Collect turnover reports from your tenants to gain insight into the performance of your stores. Through a smooth API/CSV integration between your preferred POS and ERP systems, turnovers are easily transmitted between tenants and mall owners, ensuring an easy and efficient procedure.
Import Deadlines & Penalties
Our system keeps track of missing turnover reports while allowing mall owners to set deadlines for import. Should a store pass its deadline for import, mall owners can issue penalties to ensure their tenants are doing their part in creating a transparent, trustful relationship between themselves and their landlords.
Store Rankings & Category Segmentation
Based on the collected turnover, mall owners can divide stores into categories, such as jewelry, men’s clothing, shoes, etc., and see which stores, within a selected category, are performing better. This allows mall owners to make store ranking reports that strengthen motivation to improve among their tenants.
Data-Based Rent Pricings
Mall owners can base their rental prices on customer data. Here, it need not matter if the customer went home and placed the order online after their visit to the store. Their visit still shows up as part of the store’s data, helping mall owners calculate a rental price that matches the store’s data numbers.
Vemfusion Data Sources Integration

Easy Integration with Existing BI Systems

Our software can be smoothly integrated with and via your preferred business systems, including BI, API, ERP, CSV, and POS.

Choose from three different integration methods: manual, semi-manual, or fully automatic to help you build, deploy, and manage our software across multiple applications.

With Vemtenant, you get access to:

Mall Reports & Analyses
KPI Reports
Automatic ERP & POS Integration

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