The Ultimate People Counting & Data Analytics Solution

Do you know the real-time visitor count in your facility?

With Vemcount in your hands, you can count on us to do the counting. We provide you with real-time access to valuable people counting data that helps you enhance your business efficiency.

In and out people counting store entrance

Counting the number of people, who enter and exit a space, is an excellent way to keep track of the overall footfall traffic of any public environment.

Vemcount collects real-time data from high-precision smart sensors designed to count the exact number of people both inside and outside facilities.

Our all-inclusive data analytics and people counting solution will help you maximize profits while staying cost- and resource-effective.

With Vemcount in your hands, you are one step closer to boosted sales and business success.

Visitor Insight that Matters

Capture the demographics of your incoming visitor traffic to gain valuable customer insight that helps you make strategic decisions surrounding product displays, advertising, and inventory. Our sensors are designed to differentiate between males and females, while also generating separate counts for children.
Count the total number of visitors hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly to identify peak times during your chosen time frame. Understanding peak times enables staff management by ensuring you have allocated the needed number of staff and resources for future events.
Passersby Analysis
Count passerby traffic to estimate how many potential customers are in the area. Are you successfully converting your by-passers into visitors and customers? Valuable insight into passersby helps you optimize your advertising and storefronts to increase your capture rate and profit.
Our solution is adaptable and specially developed to fit the current circumstances of the retail industry. We help you ensure safety among customers by tracking live occupancy inside spaces and controlling social distancing when times demand extra regulations.

Easy Integration with Existing BI Systems

Our software can be smoothly integrated with and via your preferred business systems, including BI, API, ERP, CSV, and POS.

Choose from three different integration methods: manual, semi-manual, or fully automatic to help you build, deploy, and manage our software across multiple applications.Β 

With Vemcount, you gain access to:

Customizable Dashboard
Tailored Reports
Calendar for Events
Sales Data & Analytics
Anonymous Market Index
BI & Data Consulting

The Dashboard

The Dashboard

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