The Ultimate Customer Journey Solution

Do you know the full customer journey in your facility?

Our Vemtrack solution provides a deeper understanding of customer behavior by showing you your facility's popular and less popular zones.

Heatmap Occupancy Floor Map Customer Journey

Obtaining as much information about your visitors or customers as possible is essential if you wish to optimize your business and increase profit. The Vemtrack module tracks the full customer journey in your store or facility to help you understand movement patterns, customer behavior, dwell times, dwell zones, and more.

Vemtrack uses advanced sensor technology with up to 98% accuracy to help you enhance the overall customer experience through valuable data insight.

Our solution is fully GDPR compliant, ensuring all visitors turn into "dots" and numbers in the system.

Ensure the best customer experience

Heatmaps & Tracking Maps
Heatmaps provide a graphic overview of your visitors’ walking patterns to help you understand which areas within your store are attracting the most visitors. Knowing your visitors' journeys, lets you optimize product placements and enhance your marketing activities through strategically placed advertising.
Queue Management
By tracking people’s journeys, including flow, dwell time, and dwell zones, you gain valuable data that helps you manage and calculate queue lengths. Our highly accurate sensor technology is implemented to monitor crowding patterns, enabling you to predict when and where queues tend to occur.
Path Tracking & Sales
Our solution tracks your visitors throughout their entire stay at your store to help you discover how their journey correlates with their transactions. By integrating our solution with your preferred POS system, you gain insight into which sections of your store caused your customers to complete their purchases.
Storefront & Display Analysis
Compare storefront dwell time to the number of people visiting your store to measure capture rate and understand if your storefront and advertisement displays are efficient. How long do people stop to stare at your storefront or displays? And are you successfully converting those people into potential customers?

Easy Integration with Existing BI Systems

Our software can be smoothly integrated with and via your preferred business systems, including BI, API, ERP, CSV, and POS.

Choose from three different integration methods: manual, semi-manual, or fully automatic to help you build, deploy, and manage our software across multiple applications. 

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