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Do you have complete and automatic control of your data collection?

With Vemiot, you can automate your business and store data through IoT LoRaWAN technology.Β 

IoT Technology for Malls

The phenomenon of IoT technology is in full bloom, as it is becoming an increasingly important tool to use in your daily business operations.

By placing small wireless sensors around your facility, you gain access to data regarding every aspect of your business’ performance.

For instance, clothing stores can detect fitting room occupancy, schools and public institutions can detect desk presence, furniture stores can detect couch and chair usage, while all facilities get to adjust room temperature and air humidity automatically to ensure a pleasant indoor environment that ultimately increase profit and productivity.Β 

Create Pleasant Environments

Manage Indoor Climate
Whether it is a retail store, a mall, an office, or an airport, it is crucial to have a healthy and pleasant indoor environment to ensure happy visitors, customers, or employees. IoT technology allows you to keep a real-time overview of your indoor climate, while automatically adjusting temperature, Co2, and humidity.
Manage Sound & Light
Our IoT sensors detect sound and light within spaces. This way, you gain valuable insight into how such measures affect your overall business performance. Do you gain more customers if the noise level is low? Does dimmed lighting enhance the shopping experience or do your customers prefer a brightly lit environment?
Desk Presence
Schools and public institutions can benefit immensely from our desk presence feature enabling them to detect the occupation status of desks around the premises. This will help them keep track of the usage of various areas, such as lecture halls, reading rooms, libraries, and more.
Fitting Room Conversions
Want to know the occupancy of your fitting rooms and how they convert into sales? Via small wireless sensors placed in your fitting rooms, you can detect time spent inside and if the visits generate sales. By knowing if your fitting rooms are occupied, staff can also stay alert if a potential customer needs assistance.

Our IoT Technologies


ToF - Time of Flight

LiDAR - Light Detection and Ranging


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