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As a non-profit organization, people counting is useful in producing accurate reports of the number of visitors who enter the libraries, museums and other public facilities – indoor and outdoor – on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. Vemcount presents a valid foundation of statistical data, justifying needs for government funding and donations.

Explore analytics of your visitors’ behavior in real-time and generate alerts to ensure the number of people within a location does not exceed the safety precautions.

Identify the attraction of activities, busy areas and how it may vary during a day to get an understanding of the usage of a facility.

How Vemcount benefits Public Institutions

Measure visitor traffic and explore peak times per year, month, week and hour to deploy staff more effectively

Exclude or get separate counts for children and adults, and discover the gender distribution to market attractions even better

Get a visual view of traffic flows across different time periods to understand visitor traffic patterns in the institution

Monitor performance and measure the percentage of how many of your visitors whom loan books (# of loan transactions / visitors)

Measure occupancy and get the average dwell time spent in your institution and its zones to identify hot and cold areas

Identify the percentage of visitors entering the different facilities of the institution, e.g. a souvenir shop or restaurant

Measure queue length, average wait time before being served and customer interaction level to increase customer service levels

Measure special event attendance

Ensure that the building is below the safety level of occupancy with real-time alerts

Find out how traffic corresponds to changes in weather with the report module

We use Vemcount for our monthly statistics and are comparing traffic data with the number of loans, which provides us with a good overview every month. We are satisfied with our solution and receive professional service and support whenever we need it.

Hardy SørensenCenter Manager, Billund Library

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