Night Clubs

The success of the night clubs depends on the amount of the visitors. Do you want to know exactly how popular your particular night club is? Then customer counting is the right solution. It gives you an insight in not only how many visitors you get during the night, but also how to optimize working schedules, marketing and service level.

With customers counting, you gain insight in not only how many visitors you get, you also gain insight in which hours are the busiets during the night. With real-time counting you will get notified when you are not allowed to accept any more visitors for security reasons.


How Vemcount benefits night clubs

Measure visitor traffic and explore peak times per year, month, week, day and hour to optimize working schedules, maintenance and safety

Understand and respond to the need for real-time service, such as serving the bar, having staff at the wardrobe and cleaning  of the toilets

Measure the queue length and the average wait time before accessing the night club

Measure the number of passers-by and identify the captive rate to find out how attractive your night club is

Identify hot and cold zones and rank the popularity of different areas based on the proportion of visitors

Integrate with POS data to calculate conversion rate, understand how sales correspond to traffic and weather changes

Measuring the effect of special events

Identify and exclude employees, including the doorman

Ensure a building is under the safety precautions for occupancy with real-time alarms

See the gender distribution of the visitors and use the insights to market with greater success

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