How to import sales data to Vemcount

Step 1:

Go to your company overview.

Setup -> Companies -> Your company.


On the left side tab, choose data templates.

Add a new one by clicking on the plus.

Step 2:
Name it, choose data type and fill in the rest so it matches your csv file format. 

Save it.

Step 3:

Go back to your company overview and now choose Data Import and add a new one.

Name it, choose a location if you don’t have target ID in the file and then choose your template.

Step 4:
Now you’re back at the Data import overview. Edit your Data import again. 
Here you see a SFTP user and password. 

Use this login in your FTP client (Filezilla fx) to login at (sftp : 121) and upload your file. 


Sales data file example:

06/03/2017 10.15;101;2;10;5800;2
07/03/2017 10.30;101;8;15;19000;3
08/03/2017 10.45;101;14;19;21500;4
09/03/2017 11.00;101;17;26;38000;5
10/03/2017 11.15;101;10;12;17000;6