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HiFi Klubben

Over the years, we’ve tested a handful of different people counting solutions, which unfortunately have disappointed us at every turn. Finally, with help from Vemco Group, we’ve found the right solution. A valid and good quality solution ensuring that we can optimize our business and measure the performance of our stores (…).

Henrik WiebenCountry Manager, Denmark

BROEN Shopping

We use Vemcount to measure the traffic at our entrances, so we get an idea of where the customers come from and when the number of visitors peaks during a day, week, month or year. This gives us, among other things, a tool for planning our marketing and activity calendar and subsequently evaluating on these activities.

Janni Baslund DamMall Manager

Odense Municipality

We’ve been satisfied with our collaboration with Vemco Group A/S, which has shown us that it’s possible to reliably and professionally monitor pedestrians on our shopping street. We see a great potential in developing and running our city better based on the insights that Vemco Group A/S has given us.

Jacob Høffer LarsenProject Manager, Smart City Odense

Magasin Du Nord

We wanted a central solution that could cover all of our department stores in Denmark. We wanted the same system and a hosted solution but managed from one place. It was also a requirement from the beginning that the solution was able to count very accurately. And it has worked perfectly.

Lasse L. MohrsenLoss Prevention Manager

Corona distance

Our data shows that the most critical time in relation to distance is the moment where customers pick up groceries from the basket and put them on the conveyer belt.

Mikkel Baun KjærgaardProfessor

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