October 4th, 2021

Top 4 Benefits of Using People Counting in Facilities Management

Commercial buildings are evolving into smart spaces powered by the Internet of Things (IoT). This approach helps corporations and government agencies optimize processes and increase efficiency through data-driven decisions. Whether it is an office, university, or shopping mall, the footfall data gathered in real-time helps people make the most of their business.

According to Mordor Intelligence, the facility management market - valued at $40.41 billion in 2020 - will be worth up to $81.49 billion by 2026 (growing at a CAGR of 12.51% over the forecasted period). One of the key driving forces for this drastic increase is the introduction of intelligent “things” across the industry vertical. 

People counting solutions in smart buildings help facilities management teams strategize and maintain the premises with precision. However, before talking about the benefits of such solutions in facilities management, it is important to, initially, define the concept of people counting.

What are People Counting Solutions?

People counting solutions leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) to count the number of people entering and exiting a specific space. These intelligent devices range from simple sensors to smart CCTV cameras.

Footfall analytics help organizations analyze the data and make data-driven decisions. Furthermore, this approach helps enterprises optimize operations, increase efficiency, identify new opportunities, and boost profits.

 By understanding the concept of people counting, it is now fitting to highlight the top four prominent benefits of using such tool: 

1. Optimize Maintenance Protocols

When smart sensors collect footfall data around the building, your maintenance teams will be alert to potential issues before they occur. By analyzing occupant behavior, facilities management teams can predict which areas demand maintenance staff and when.

 This approach helps reduce any potential downtime. You also get to make sure that you are using all your available resources in the best way possible. When buildings are maintained consistently, it gives an excellent impression of staff and patrons.

 2. Cleaning On-Demand

Facilities management teams leverage smart sensors to stay alert on restroom demands, such as cleaning. You can set up your people counting system to alert staff, when a predefined number of people use the restroom and exit the facility.

This approach ensures that all restrooms in a building are consistently cleaned and maintained. Moreover, it helps deploy staff where they are needed and provides high hygiene levels, which is of high interest in a post-pandemic world.

The digital screen informs potential visitors that a restroom is closed for cleaning, whenever the last person exits the restroom. You can also use this opportunity to promote products on said screen, as people line up outside to use free restrooms.

However, the advantages of people counting and real-time data are not limited to restrooms. Whenever there is a surge in traffic in certain building areas, you can quickly deploy cleaning staff to clean up after the crowds.

As these sensors are discreet and maintain anonymity, you need not worry about privacy and compliance. All employees and patrons can use the facilities without worrying about the digital devices in the vicinity.

 3. Improve Staff Scheduling

When you collect footfall data over longer periods of time, you start to see patterns in the data. Armed with footfall analytics data, you can optimize staff scheduling protocols to ensure that the facility is adequately supported.

Additionally, with the benefit of multisite visibility, you can move your team around based on real-time demand. This approach helps ensure that maintenance and cleaning resources are always used wherever it is needed.

 4. Saves Money

People counting data will also help facilities management teams plan for the year ahead. When you take a data-driven approach to facilities management, you get to manage inventory, such as cleaning products, bulbs, etc., while reducing waste, and manage the premises like a well-oiled machine.

Over time, you will have saved a significant amount of money, which can be reinvested elsewhere in your business.

 People counting solutions will play a significant role in crowd management, social distancing protocols, and maintenance as we head into the holiday season. Smart buildings shape the smart cities we live in, and people counting solutions will be at the heart of it.

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