June 14th, 2022

The (Perhaps) Most Important Software When the Crisis Hits

It is no secret that we are all feeling the economic impact of the world situation in our everyday lives. With the increasing prices on everything from food to gas and electricity, the willingness to buy among consumers has witnessed a global decrease.

Consequently, the situation is not only affecting the common citizen but also stores and businesses trying to understand the change in customer behavior in a way that allows them to make it through the crisis unscathed.

At Vemco Group, we are aware that there is no definitive solution to the problem. However, we are ready to help you and your business stay on the right track during a difficult time.


Data Insight that Improves the Customer Experience 

For a long time, we have specialized in retail analytics, as well as people counting and customer behavior insight that furthers a great customer experience and increases profit in businesses across the globe.


Our customers say: “By measuring our customers’ behavior, we gain valuable insight, enabling us to optimize our store layouts and campaigns in real-time. This ensures that our time is invested in our employees and our money in marketing activities. In the end, this provides increased value and the best end results”.

Our software platform, Vemcount, can be used in any place with customer flows, and it helps businesses stay efficient and competitive – even during challenging times.

In a time, when there is a change in customer behavior, it is necessary to have flexible and efficient solutions that provide the needed insight into everything you cannot see with the naked eye. Our software can be your eyes that allow you to act based on certainty and data, rather than intuition. This way, you can fit your strategies to the new societal tendencies.


A Non-Committal Solution that Makes a Difference 

The current climate is not exactly calling for big investments – and we know this. Thus, we offer you the option to rent a people counter with a subscription to our software, which can be canceled at any time.

This way, you get to try out the effect of a people counting solution that helps you optimize your business operations and contrive efficient marketing strategies.

All of this is to ensure happy customers, who have rediscovered their desire to buy, and a blossoming business with increased sales.


You are Not Alone with Your Data 

Customer and data insight is among the most important tools when a crisis hits the corporate world. It may be an overwhelming feeling trying to understand how to adjust to changes and see which steps can help you through this time. We are ready to equip your business with an extra player, who will help you understand your data collection. This way, you will always know which actions to take - and when.


Our team and in-house-developed Vemcount software will help you every step of the way.
Do not hesitate to contact us for a non-committal talk regarding you and your business.