February 23rd, 2021

People Counting Solutions for Public Transport Safety

Cities across the globe are implementing solutions to ensure that 1,5 - 2 meters of distancing guidelines are adhered to so people can move around more freely and use public transport more safely. Achieving it effectively will depend on the ability to have an ongoing and real-time view of how busy public transport hotspots are. With this information on hand, you can take the appropriate steps when areas or modes of transport get too crowded or when people are not maintaining an appropriate distance between each other.

An innovative solution to social distancing in public transport is to use technology to manage supply and demand more effectively. With real-time people counting and analytics, public transport can be more expertly managed to avoid queues and overcrowding and prevent transport providers from unnecessarily gathering in hotspots during low-demand times of the day.


People Counting and analytics as a social distancing solution for the public transport sector

Optimizing people flows using counters technology, and BI analytics enables public transport managers to measure occupancy levels inside the vehicles and potential overcrowding at public transport centers or stations. In response to the data they receive, they can reroute pedestrians or vehicles away from these areas when necessary. With the ability to combine real-time data sources, such as passenger and traffic counts, with historical traffic and passenger information, transport managers and vehicle operators can also leverage predictive analytics to make service adjustments that aid in operational efficiency and ensure social distancing. The data can also be used to share real-time updates with passengers via mobile applications or live screen displays at public transport stops for improved passenger communication, transparency, and safety.

Supply and demand management

The real-time nature of traffic and people counting grants public transport operators the information they need to manage passenger load and gives the passengers the information they need to avoid standing in queues or too close to one another. As user demand fluctuates, operators will be able to match the change in demand dynamically. This includes sending more or fewer vehicles on a route, closing routes based on daily government directives, and adhering to load/capacity restrictions.

Social distance management

People counting technology can also accurately measure the physical distance between people in an area and send real-time alerts when the 1,5 - 2 meters limit is breached. You can set up these alerts to automatically sound an alarm or be streamed via a live screen display informing people to maintain distance.


Vehicle occupancy management

Human counter sensors can be placed above the entrances and exits of vehicles to ensure that load restrictions are respected. As passengers board the vehicle, they are automatically counted, and an alert will be triggered when maximum capacity is reached. Advanced sensors, like the Vemcount 3D camera, can differentiate people from pets or objects and people passing the sensor at the same time with 98% accuracy.

Once the counting data has been recorded, it is sent over the internet to an analytics platform. It can be combined with other data to gain more in-depth insight into operational efficiency and passenger behavior for planning based on user-demand. Public transport managers will have access to an easy-to-use dashboard to view data in real-time or create customizable reports with data over a period.


Choosing the right People Counting and analytics solution for better public transport safety

Vemcount has developed a unique social distancing solution that equips public transport managers with real-time information and insights that help them effectively and efficiently manage passenger loads and social distancing, optimize travel routes, service times, collection and drop off points, and prevent overcrowding and queues.Β 

The technologically advanced sensors, in conjunction with our powerful BI analytics software platform, help you make smarter, safer decisions around social distancing and preventing the spread of the coronavirus.

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