December 8th, 2022

Mapic Innovation Stage 2022

Taking the Customer Experience to the Next Level

Being there for the customers when they need it can increase the conversion rate through elevated customer experiences. This is just one of the many conclusions that were drawn during last week's Innovation Stage panel discussion at Mapic! 

Moderated by Gary Burrows, the discussion centered around the topic "Taking the Customer Experience to the Next Level", in which our amazing panelists sat down to disclose their secrets to above-and-beyond customer experiences in various industries. Many questions were discussed here, one being: how can we use data to elevate the customer experience? 

A huge thanks to everyone who came to listen and an even bigger thanks to our four prominent speakers:

Serdar Ersoy, Defacto

Annette Lund, Promenaden Management

Morten Grabowski-Kjær, Luksusbaby

Michael Ewald Hansen, Lakrids by Bülow


Also, a huge thanks to every single one of you who came to our stand this year to see our people counting and data analytics solution. It was a pleasure meeting you all! 


Psst... You can watch the entire panel discussion on our youtube channel. Just click below: