December 15th, 2021

Keeping People Safe During Holiday Shopping with Vemcount

Another holiday season is approaching, while the pandemic is still an ongoing issue worldwide. With new variants arriving, such as omicron, shoppers, retailers, and mall owners must consider ways to stay safe during holiday shopping. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Vemcount software has been developed to help businesses uphold the restrictions and guidelines set by the authorities.

News of the omicron variant broke just as shoppers and store owners geared up for Black Week. However, retail industry professionals predicted that the omicron variant could lead to more sales for retailers over the holidays. Consumers who had planned on booking a trip, buying tickets for concerts or the theater, or giving some other experiential gift, might opt for material goods instead.

With Black Week breaking online sales records this year, it seems shoppers did in fact opt for material gifts. Statistics gathered from 2021 Black Week shows strong prosperity in sales from both online and physical stores. While online shopping is blossoming in today’s climate, physical stores also contributed to the record-breaking numbers of this year’s Black Week. This is especially due to phenomena, such as Click & Collect, which has become a popular shopping method over the past years. Despite the current turns of the pandemic, shoppers are not scared to defy the circumstances and do their holiday shopping physically.

Thus, retailers and mall owners must continue to uphold the safety measures set by the authorities to ensure a pleasant and safe shopping experience for everyone entering their stores in the upcoming weeks. With valuable insight into footfall traffic, customer journey, and dwell zones, Vemcount’s highly developed software aids businesses in following safety requirements during the holiday season.

Use Vemcount to Get Safely Through Holiday Shopping

By implementing people counting devices in stores and malls, business owners can receive real-time alerts and data to help them ensure a safe, socially distanced shopping experience for themselves and their visitors. With valuable data insight, including occupancy levels, traffic flow patterns, queue times, and dwell zones, business owners can optimize the customer journey to match Covid regulations.

The sensor placed at a store’s entrance keeps track of the number of visitors and the occupancy level, alerting staff if the store has reached its maximum capacity. Furthermore, Vemcount easily integrates with other systems, meaning the data collected can be transmitted directly to the customers. This enables occupancy management, a beneficial optimization tool for any business during a pandemic. Connect the Vemcount software with screens placed at selected entrances to show live occupancy levels inside the store. These screens will let holiday shoppers know whether they can enter the store safely.

Placing multiple sensors inside the store will help business owners understand moving patterns and customer journey. This way they can initiate queue management by knowing how many queues are forming, how many people are in the queues, and how close they are standing. Additionally, monitoring dwell time helps staff identify areas that receive more traffic. This way they can optimize the store or mall layout to control traffic flow, prevent clusters, and ensure that social distancing is retained.

It is all about improving customer experience and, with Vemcount, customers will feel safe during their holiday shopping and leave the store or mall with a pleasant feeling. Vemcount helps retail stores and shopping malls get safely through yet another holiday season in the pandemic, while also improving the customer experience to generate more sales. It is a solution that benefits everyone!