May 3rd, 2021

How does Vemcount stack up against footfall counting competitors in the UAE?

As footfall counting devices and analytics platforms go, Vemcount really counts. With the latest in 3D AI counting technology and a fully customizable and user-friendly BI analytics platform that turns insight into action, Vemcount proves to be a fierce competitor in the UAE footfall counting and analytics market.

While the global economy took a nosedive during the COVID-19 pandemic, retail stores, shopping malls, airports, and public institutions realized the need to optimize their operating procedures, marketing strategies, and safety regulations to remain competitive in a rapidly changing business environment. More and more businesses are turning to footfall counting and retail analytics to ensure their employees’ and customers’ safety, enhance marketing and sales strategies, become more cost-efficient, improve the customer experience, and boost revenues. 

Here’s how Vemcount, UAE’s leading retail analytics solution, is revolutionizing the footfall counting market.

◉ Vemcount capabilities and key differentiators

To reduce queues and prevent losing customers, you need to know why and when the queues are long. If you want to avoid dead zones in your store layout, you need to know precisely where customer traffic flows through the store. If you’re going to coordinate staff resources, you need to know when your customers visit and where they visit. 

While many companies rely on traditional counting solutions that consist only of an infrared sensor mounted at the entrance, this limited kind of tracking does not provide the insight you need to fully optimize your company and increase your revenues. 

Vemcount is an all-in-one retail analytics solution that offers the full customer-tracking experience with sensors mounted in strategic places. It provides detailed and accurate data about customer flow, queue times, traffic patterns, dwell zones, conversion rates, outside traffic, marketing and sales performance, customers’ gender and height, and even social distancing and mask-wearing measurements. You can see all of these details in real-time and create custom reports with combined data to glean actionable insights that help you improve your business.

Vemcount provides data on:

▶︎ The total and current number of visitors in the store at any time;

▶︎ Zone-specific information on sales, customer occupancy, traffic out, average dwell time, conversion rates;

▶︎ Changing room occupancy and the time your customers spend waiting there;

▶︎ Waiting lines and queue lengths, including real-time data on current and average waiting times, conversion rates, customers served, customer interaction times, queue abandonment;

▶︎ Outside traffic, giving you a clear overview of how many customers are drawn into your store and how window displays are converting into sales;

▶︎ Customer behavior, dwell zones, and traffic patterns to optimize store layout;

▶︎ Social distancing and mask-wearing to comply with government regulations;

▶︎ Gender distribution and height filtration for targeted marketing campaigns that match customer profiles;

▶︎ Vehicle and pedestrian counts to identify peak hours and optimize parking and staff allocation;

▶︎ Room-specific occupancy to maximize energy-efficiency through integration with automatic lighting and air conditioning management systems, and so much more.

◉ With Vemcount, customers come first

Customer needs are always at the core of Vemcount’s service offerings, and not a single customer has left the Vemco Group since it was founded in 2005. Functionality has been added through crowdsourcing and customer demand to create a solution that fulfills every company’s requirements. 

As the first solution provider to roll out a comprehensive COVID-19 screening solution to 6000 stores in the UAE, Vemcount is also leading from the front in people tracking innovation and customer safety.

Vemcount is accessible and affordable

◉ Although Vemcount is already an affordable solution, we offer our clients a flexible subscription model that allows them to rent hardware and software suited to their requirements. We provide solutions to a wide range of sectors, including:

▶︎ Retail stores

▶︎ Shopping malls

▶︎ Airports

▶︎ Private institutions like libraries, museums, and universities

▶︎ Events, outdoor areas, and nightclubs

▶︎ Car showrooms

▶︎ Pharmacies

◉ Vemcount Technology and Software

Using Vemcount is easy. The sensors are easy to install and use the latest 3D AI camera technology for 98% accuracy and seamless, high-quality tracking. From the user-friendly BI analytics dashboard, you get vital real-time performance information that allows you to take action where necessary.

◉ Vemcount technology and software features:

▶︎ Customize your Vemcount dashboard with widgets displaying the stats that matter most to your organization;

▶︎ Set targets and KPIs, create custom reports with key metrics and data, and share the results with your team for deep insights, continuous improvements, and optimal business process management;

▶︎ Share real-time data about occupancy numbers, social distancing issues, or estimated wait times with your customers via live video streaming in your store or on your website for the ultimate customer experience. Video streams can be branded with your company logo and colors, and you can customize the messaging and even upload voice recordings or sounds to alert customers to important messages;

▶︎ Set up real-time alerts that can be sent to staff (or integrated with existing technology like automated sliding doors or lighting systems) when certain events occur; for example, when the number of customers in the store exceeds a specific limit or a customer has waited in line for too long;

▶︎ Integrate and import historical data for a fuller analytical view of data and overall store performance;

▶︎ View maps such as heat maps for a bird’s eye view of your store and more in-depth insight into traffic patterns and popular dwell zones;

▶︎ Vemcount is a cloud-based software solution which means it is available anywhere and any time. Hosted on Amazon and with extra hacker-proof security, the software platform boasts 99.9% uptime and includes a health checker that monitors system operability 24 hours a day;

▶︎ Vemcount is also available on a private cloud and can be integrated with 3rd party applications for boosted functionality;

▶︎ The Vemcount system is fully GDPR compliant.

Few competitors in the UAE can match Vemcount’s all-encompassing capabilities and advanced technology and software features, and we’re proving it every day with new and disruptive innovations and functionalities.

Give us a call to find out for yourself.