June 28th, 2021

How Do Footfall Analytics Improve Staffing Schedules?

Would a chef ever cater food for an event without knowing how many guests he will serve? Probably not! It would either be an enormous waste of money or a customer service disaster. Following this reasoning, how would you schedule your staff roster without knowing how many customers require service?

In these economically challenging times, business owners need to find innovative and cost-effective solutions to minimize spending while maximizing profits. With insight into your business's foot traffic trends, you are better equipped to match staff and resource supply with customer and operation demands. Not only is the time and effort of staff scheduling reduced, but you also have the added benefits of measuring employee performance and enhancing the employee experience through data-driven insights.

Let's explore how a footfall counting analytics solution integrated with a footfall counter sensor can help service-industry businesses optimize staff scheduling and operations.


Measuring Foot Traffic Data Trends For Staff Scheduling

In-store footfall counter sensors count people entering or exiting a store and track people’s behavior while shopping for insights into how to improve the shopping experience. You can use the data collected more dynamically to predict trends in traffic flow that determine when the store’s busiest periods are per hour, day, week, or month. The value of this insight enables managers to prepare in advance for busy periods and carve out time for inventory management, staff training, and other fundamental operational procedures. 

Managers can now adequately schedule staff for customer service during busy periods and focus on administrative tasks during quieter periods. The scheduling can be as granular as an hourly schedule or more high-level scheduling per week or month, depending on your foot traffic data trends.

An analytics dashboard makes it easy to access and explore data trends, set KPIs, generate reports, and plan accordingly. An integrated and dedicated staff management module makes staff scheduling according to data easy and automated.


Measuring Employee Performance According To Staff Schedules

Knowing precisely which employees are working during a shift and monitoring the sales conversions and customer interactions during that shift gives managers insight into employee performance per shift. Staff exclusion technology embedded into the footfall counter sensors intelligently differentiates between staff and customers for accurate representations of staff-customer interactions; while integrating a POS (Point of Sales) system with the footfall counter sensors calculates the number of sales conversions and when they took place.

Managers can now monitor how well (or poorly) their staff are performing, set measurable goals for the team to beat and reward excellent performers.


Staff Deployment For Real-time Demands

Managers can set up real-time alerts on the analytics dashboard to inform when occupancy levels are exceeded, when congested or over-crowded areas are identified, or when queues are too long or customer wait time is exceeded for additional staff to be deployed to meet demand.

Monitoring the occupancy of public bathrooms can also be managed through the dashboard, with alerts set up for cleaning staff to take action when necessary or messages to be displayed informing visitors that the bathrooms are fully occupied.

Alerts can be sent in real-time through visual warnings or be delivered straight to assigned email addresses or phones (SMS).

Does Vemcount Provide Staff Management Functionality?

Yes! Vemcount’s People Counting Analytics solution is fully configurable to include the functionalities you require to optimize your business, including staff management functionality. A coherent digital infrastructure will streamline your work processes, and your employees will experience value that contributes positively to daily operational decisions and work processes.

Vemcount enables you to:

▶︎ Access and navigate through multiple data sources with ease by integrating Vemcount with data from your existing systems.

▶︎ Discover correlations and add depth to your analysis.

▶︎ Integrate Vemcount with your ERP, BI, POS, workforce, and other systems for an all-encompassing solution.


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