December 17th, 2021

Front Systems x Vemco Group x SameSystem = The leading industry Dream Suite for data-driven retailer

Dream Suite members Front Systems (Marius Lindholt & Jesper Sørensen) x Vemco Group (Anel Turkanovic & Kurt Thomsen) x SameSystem (David Wall) recently had an amazing workshop at the Front Systems’ showroom – elevating our market-proven and fully integrated retail Dream Suite to the next level.

We satisfy forward-thinking retailers’ need to create fantastic customer journeys and memorable customer experiences and to drive excellent retail businesses. We turn data into insight, and insight into action - fact-based, automatic and in real-time - in both your front office and back office.

The retail Dream Suite comes fully out-of-the-box, integrated through Front Systems POS & Omni - One of the most modern and best POS, Omni and unified commerce systems in the world.

Front Systems, Vemco Group & SameSystem provide a fully connected retail Dream Suite of rich data-streams, data-patterns, reports, analyses, and insight.

Retailers want data from different systems in sync, all the time. They want all the data in one integrated system - in real-time. They want to get the best insight quick, so they can make data-driven decisions fast. This is super important for retailers right now - and even more with COVID – and even more in 2022, than in 2021.

In 2022, the competition in retail will be brought to new unseen heights, and the winning retailers will be those, who can quickly make the right fact-based decisions. The market is fastmoving - the Dream Suite is a perfect fit for retailers - all-in-one - integrated out-of-box - short time to value - low risk - great business.

With Front Systems x Vemco Group x SameSystem, retailers simply get an edge in a highly competitive market, to automatically perform quicker and better in a fact-based and data-driven way - every hour, every day - again and again.

As an example, retailers need to make sure the salary expenses are being spent on the right people, at the right time, at the right place. We can provide that data-driven, out-of-box insight with the Dream Suite from Front Systems, Vemco Group & SameSystem.

Additionally, we can visualize visitor paths across the store combined with live sales data, dwell time, category, passersby etc. - as well as fitting room and sales conversions rate in-store.

By combining footfall data with POS data, retailers can see the physical journey their visitors and customers go on - and the purchases that are the result of that journey. Who would not want to have this in retail?

Data is not everything in retail, but almost. The increasing importance of data in retail is beyond discussion. We are ready to help our customers win - both today - and tomorrow.