April 12th, 2021

Airport Security and Footfall Analytics

The airport ecosystem is transforming dramatically in the face of varied and evolving global threats. Combined with rising passenger expectations and the need for improved security effectiveness and safety precautions, this changed ecosystem relies heavily on technology and analytics for streamlined, collaborative, and data‐driven security processes. Technology advancements are also increasingly a catalyst for change as innovative screening technologies, data analytics, automation, and artificial intelligence continue to emerge.

The most significant challenge for airport authorities is to find solutions to improve airport security without jeopardizing passengers’ experience or airport traffic flow and throughput. Through research on emotional extremes during the passenger journey at airports, SITA’s The Future Is Connected 2016 report (SITA, 2016) shows that security checks cause the most discomfort and negative emotions in passengers. To improve airport security and passenger experience, it is logical for airport authorities to increasingly look into these areas to ensure a positive experience throughout the passenger journey.

From the time of arrival at the airport, right through to departure, timing and traffic flow need to be meticulously managed through efficient processes to ensure that proper security and passenger experience are maintained throughout the journey. For that, the following metrics need to be accurately measured and analyzed:

▶︎ Real-time occupancy count

▶︎ Multi-directional traffic flows and traffic flow patterns

▶︎ Passenger demographics, behavior, and facial expressions,

▶︎ Queue length and wait times

▶︎ Security, check-in, passport control, boarding, and baggage collection times

▶︎ Social distance measurement

▶︎ Mask-wearing detection

▶︎ Heatmap dwell zones and dwell times 

Footfall analytics is the answer to improved airport security, traffic flow, and passenger experience. Here’s how it works.


Benefits of Footfall Analytics in Airports

Footfall analytics shows you where passengers are waiting the longest, how many people pass through an area and in which directions, where they dwell the longest, how far apart they are standing or sitting, and how they behave or react at any given time. Heat maps, dashboards, and real-time notifications are used to focus your attention on bottle-necks, hold-ups, security threats, and safety breaches throughout the airport. This creates multiple opportunities to deploy the workforce more effectively, mitigate security threats, inform passengers and guests about waiting times, or uncover patterns and trends that can lead to further optimization.

Improved security

Overcrowding and movement against the traffic flow are security risks that are easily identified through footfall analytics. Real-time alerts about occupancy levels and traffic flow anomalies enable security personnel to react promptly to bottlenecks and resolve potential risks. Coupled with advanced behavioral analytics, footfall counter sensors can even detect suspect behaviors and facial expressions, prompting the intervention of specialized security personnel.


Optimized traffic flow

Footfall analytics enables airport authorities to predict flow based on past trends and optimize airport layout and design to streamline traffic flow throughout the airport. With this insight, service and security personnel can be deployed and coordinated in areas prone to crowding or overflow, and traffic can be redirected more effectively.

Queue measurement embedded within footfall counter technology enables airport management to view queue lengths in passport control, baggage check, departures, arrivals, washrooms, and retail areas in real-time and respond to hold-ups immediately.

Peak travel times and traffic patterns can also be predicted and prepared for in advance with additional resources, staff, and security.


Improved Safety

The lurking threat of coronavirus is mitigated through real-time social distance measurement and mask-wearing detection, with automatically triggered alerts, via on-screen messages, images, tones, or security intervention when the distance is breached or no mask is detected.


Enhanced Passenger Journey

When passengers can easily and expeditiously navigate and clear security checks and other required airport processes, they are happier, more secure, and more likely to spend money in the duty-free area!

Footfall analytics is the solution to streamline traffic flows, reduce queue times, increase retail revenues, and most importantly, improve safety and security measures.


Vemcount Footfall Analytics provides all of these functionalities and more for airports, retail stores, shopping malls, healthcare facilities, public and educational institutions, and a host of other industries.


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