All-in-one Tracking System

All-in-one Tracking System

Vemcount Analytics makes it easier to reveal the correlations between retail data. It combines data from different sources – people counting, visitor's heat map, occupancy rate, etc. – to create more in-depth footfall analyses and get more accurate conclusions.

Since the beginning of 2005, we have used the most reliable and accurate counting devices to collect data and analyzeit through our software solution.

Our team created Vemcount to offer our clients better insights into cost savings, staff higher efficiency, conversion rate enhancement, and increased profitability.

Vemcount: your complete analytics solution

Fact-Based Choices, Meaningful Changes
Vemcount is our unique, configurable, and user-friendly software solution providing reliable data helping you to make informed decisions that positively impact sales. Vemcount is analytics made simple.
Advanced, User-Friendly System
View and divide visitor data by minute, hour, day, week, month, or year - or access real-time data for immediate reaction. Measure and compare performance and data across different periods and locations.
Our Experience,
Your Accuracy
Accurate data to make effective decisions. To guarantee a fully functional and precise people counting system, we always estimate what sensor is the most effective for each of our customers' needs.
Point-of-sales Systems
Get live insights about key performance indicators and find out how sales correlate with traffic.
Staff Management Systems
Make staff planning easier by using historical traffic data to predict power hours.
Business Intelligence Systems
Avoid working in silos by integrating data from multiple departments into one platform.

Multiple Datasets
& One Platform

Vemcount is a configurable and user-friendly software solution to help you make informed decisions that positively impact sales.

Our analyses cover essential information, such as the number of visitors with tracking maps to identify the traffic flow, and the customers' profile and behavior. We make it easier for you to create effective marketing and operational decisions and understand the related impact.



With a coherent digital infrastructure, your work processes will be streamlined, and your employees will experience a value that contributes positively to the daily decisions and work processes.

Access and navigate through multiple data sources with ease by integrating Vemcount with data from your existing systems. Discover correlations and add depth to your analysis.

Integrate Vemcount with your ERP, BI, POS, workforce, and other systems for an all-encompassing solution.

The Core of Vemcount is its Online Dashboard

Customizable Dashboard
Build a dashboard from scratch or choose a template from the library. Your dashboard gives you an overview of KPIs and valuable insights about your business. Every user can add custom widgets based on visitors, KPI, weather, and events.
Real-time Alerts
Generate alerts and notifications to maintain control of the desired level of occupancy and improve customer service levels. The dashboard alerts you in real-time by visual means or have the message delivered straight to assigned email-addresses.
Tailor-made Reports
Get valuable insights across multiple data sources and see how they relate. Use historical data to optimize your operational effectiveness. Export the data in formats such as Excel and PDF with just one click.
Share Information
Share your dashboard with other Vemcount users by email or use the embedding function to share your dashboard anywhere on any screen with a simple copy & paste of a single code.
Sensor Checker
Our supporters monitor the system to ensure the daily operation, with a data delivery of up to 98% accuracy. This data helps all levels in your organization achieve optimal performance.
Data Integration
Integrate Vemcount with your ERP, BI, POS, workforce, and other systems for an all-encompassing solution. Explore and discover correlations in the data and add depth to your analysis.
Vemcount dashboard all devices: footfall, heatmap and staff management

Access Vemcount from anywhere and anytime

With a cloud-based solution, you get on-demand access to Vemcount, which is deployed and managed on our cloud infrastructure hosted by Amazon (Frankfurt).

Access Vemcount via browser as needed and reduce operational costs for maintaining an IT infrastructure or in-house staff. 

We also support a private solution hosted by your company. 

Unlimited Storage
and Bandwidth
Data Is Securely
Available 24/7
99,9% Hardware Uptime
and Reliability
Fully Encrypted
High Grade Encryption
Dedicated with Secure VLANs, Firewalls and ADS/IPS
We handle Data Backup & Software Updates for you

When you think about loss prevention solutions, you probably don’t think about people counters. You probably think about scanners at the door, and of course, security guards. However, footfall counters also have a role to play in security.

Heatmaps and dwell time in retail store

Heatmaps are a graphical representation that helps retailers understand how customers use their brick-and-mortar stores. The data generated at these physical stores help retailers better understand how customers browsed, shopped, lingered, and for how long.


Commercial buildings are evolving into smart spaces powered by the Internet of Things (IoT). This approach helps corporations and government agencies optimize processes and increase efficiency through data-driven decisions. Whether it is an office, university, or shopping mall, the footfall data gathered in real-time helps people make the most of their business.

Discover our success stories

"We use Vemcount to measure the traffic at our entrances, so we get an idea of where the customers come from and when the number of visitors peaks during a day, week, month or year. This gives us, among other things, a tool for planning our marketing and activity calendar and subsequently evaluating on these activities."

Janni Baslund Dam - Mall Manager, BROEN Shopping
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