Smart Cities

Smart Cities

We help our city stakeholders count their incoming visitor traffic, as well as visitor behavior, helping them understand which initiatives attract people to their city

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Smart cities of the future

Future cities will increasingly become more digitalized due to the wish for more sustainable, intelligent cities, which are worth the visit. Technology and data that increase efficiency, while providing valuable data insight into the real usage of the cities, are becoming increasingly popular.

The crowd, as well as its movement and flow in public spaces, plays a crucial role in the entire city environment. With our solutions, you get the opportunity to target your strategies efficiently. With our insight, you can see who passes in and out of public spaces and facilities, while understanding the popular areas herein and how these change over time.

"We’ve been satisfied with our collaboration with Vemco Group, which has shown us that it’s possible to reliably and professionally monitor pedestrians on our shopping street. We see a great potential in developing and running our city better based on the insights that Vemco Group has given us."

Jacob Høffer Larsen Project Manager, Smart City Odense
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What Makes Us Special

Discover our solutions specially designed to help city centers:

Vemcount People Counting & Data Analytics

We use weather-resistant outdoor sensors placed at relevant entrances and exits to help you count the exact number of city visitors at all times. Our pedestrian counters enable you to understand the real use of your pedestrian streets and other relevant zones while letting you compare different periods to discover how city events affect your visitor numbers. 

Vemtrack Visitor Journey & Tracking

Vemtrack tracks people throughout their entire visit to your city to help you understand the full visitor journey, including movement patterns, dwell areas, and dwell times. This will help you improve the visitor experience in your city.

VemIoT Business Automation IoT

Our Vemiot solution provides you with data insight into every aspect of your city. With a multifunctional IoT sensor the size of a small battery, you can, for instance, understand how noise levels affect visitor behavior.

Vemfusion System Integration

To help city stakeholders, we ensure easy API and CSV integration with your preferred and existing POS, BI, and ERP systems.

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