February 22nd, 2021

What is Queue Management?

“I love standing in queues,”… said nobody ever. And that’s why sophisticated queue management technology exists! We can all agree that a long, slow-moving queue has a significant influence on the decision to stay or leave a particular store or service provider. Time is money, and neither can be wasted in today’s fast-paced, on-demand economy. Almost every industry faces the challenge of controlling queue length or wait times, and they understand the detrimental impact these factors have on customer experience and sales opportunities. So what are they doing about it? Let’s find out.


How does Queue Management work?

Queue management is essentially an alert system connected to a footfall counting sensor that quantifies queue demand in real-time and notifies staff when certain predetermined variables such as queue length or time are exceeded. Footfall counting sensors can be installed above checkout counters to count the number of customers in line and how long they have been waiting and the number of customers currently being served, and the time it takes to complete the checkout process.

The data are available in real-time on analytics dashboards that use built-in predictive algorithms to provide advance notice on how many checkouts or service points will be needed to meet demand. These dashboards offer a range of information, such as dynamic queue length, waiting time data, and checkout performance at the counter. If performance and service levels drop, management teams are automatically alerted, enabling them to proactively manage the situation before customers become unhappy or abandon the queue. 

Key metrics tracked are: 

▶︎ The number of people entering the store

▶︎ Queue length

▶︎ Average wait time

▶︎ Cashier or service operator idle time

▶︎ Total wait time


How does Queue Management benefit businesses?

Footfall counting and queue management systems are designed to help businesses enhance customer service, improve efficiency and reduce costs. Stores and service providers in many different sectors use footfall counting sensors at entrances and above checkout lanes/queue areas to accurately detect people’s numbers and behavior in the queue and use the information to improve business processes and customer service.

With this intelligence at their fingertips, they can react to customer demand more efficiently, expedite the checkout process, reduce the waiting time for customers and improve the overall shopping experience.


Queue Management saves money and resources

Queue Management predictive analytics enables managers to foresee busy periods and quiet periods and deploy staff and resources more efficiently and only when necessary. If a store is running at a loss during specific periods, managers can also decide to close the store during that time. Real-time notifications can also be sent to alert on-premise staff when needed; for example, when more cashiers are required in order to speed up checkout or attend to customers who require service.


Queue Management enhances the customer journey and boosts conversion rates

Understanding customer behavior goes a long way towards ensuring that the shopping experience is a pleasant one. By shaping a customer journey where customers don’t have to wait in long lines or where live data about wait times are communicated to them via live stream, customers are more likely to become loyal to your brand and increase their spend. As a bonus, keeping your customers happy and content drives conversion rates and boosts revenues.


Queue Management improves safety and security

With COVID-19 having such a significant impact on our lives, it’s essential to maintain social distancing in public spaces. Queue management systems can detect the distance between people in line and send alerts when a safe distance is exceeded. Counting is also particularly useful in airport security situations, where a large volume of people pass through an area in varying flow patterns and constantly varying physical locations.


What’s new in Queue Management technology?

Newer technologies enable sending alerts directly to a customer’s cellphone while they are waiting for service. It means that customers don’t need to stand in a queue physically. They will be alerted when the service is ready. This also increases sales opportunities as customers now have the time to browse and purchase more than they would if they were confined to a queue.


Where can you find the most dynamic and powerful Queue Management solutions?

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