January 4th, 2022

Vemco Group’s New Year’s Resolutions

2021 has come to an end, and Vemco Group is ready for a 2022, which hopefully brings exciting new partnerships, innovative launches, and continued customer satisfaction. Along with the rest of the world, Vemco Group is hoping to enter a 2022 less affected by the ongoing pandemic, allowing new opportunities to rise on the market.


New Innovative Vemco Suite 

It is no surprise that the retail industry has suffered greatly during Covid-19. From the beginning of the pandemic, Vemco Group has aided retailers and mall owners with the enriching Vemcount footfall and data analytics solution, which includes mask detection, occupancy management, social distancing, and more. The innovative solution has been a valuable tool for business owners during the pandemic, as it has helped them monitor occupancy levels and employ information screens to uphold the safety regulations set by the authorities. Most markets are looking forward to a post-pandemic world. The same goes for Vemco Group who is preparing for business after Covid and the new, exciting opportunities it has to offer.


One goal for 2022 is to have the Vemco Suite ready for the world to embrace. The Vemco Suite includes all the highly developed Vem-modules; Vemcount, Vemtenant, Vemtrack, Vempark, Vemfusion, and VemIoT. The Vem-modules are developed with the client in mind. With a constant awareness of client needs and demands, Vemco Group can continue to improve its products to fit said needs and maintain customer satisfaction. The goal is to continue this progress in 2022, which hopefully brings new innovative features for various needs.


Additionally, Vemco Group will be redesigning its reporting solution, making it more intuitive and user friendly. A.I. will play a bigger role, giving users an enhanced insight experience. This enables them to make conscious strategic business decisions at the right time, and provide them with instant, fact-based data inside the Vemco Suite platform. In short, Vemco Group turns data into insight and insight into action that is fact-based, automatic, and in real-time.


Global Expansion and Presence 

In 2022, the focus will be on extending the global partner network targeting Asia and the US, since the newly established sales and support offices in Australia, Canada, UAE, Brazil, and Scandinavia have proven to be a great success. The strategic decision of expanding the company is based on a desire to offer global support to Vemco Group’s partner network and their customers within business opening hours in all time zones. The company aims to become one of the market leaders in the retail analytics industry, and to fulfill that goal, there is a wish to not only have the best products, but also the best sales and support team. With a unified workforce throughout the global offices, the colleagues can help each other as one team, while staying among the market leading companies in retail analytics.


The Year of IoT 

Of particular interest in 2022 is VemIoT. IoT technology is becoming increasingly important in today’s digital society. IoT sensors are small, wireless, and battery powered devices lasting for 7-10 years before replacement. These devices are easily employed and cost effective. With VemIoT, there are several potential opportunities for Vemco Group to add value to its business and its clients, especially within the Vempark solution. Since 2019, the company has been testing different IoT sensors in close collaboration with some of the major retailers on the market to fully understand customer behavior and improve their shopping experience. IoT initiates a completely new era in the retail sector, and Vemco Group is going to combine IoT technology with footfall, sales, product, and marketing data. The company is looking forward to further exploring IoT technology in 2022 and potentially entering new markets with this newly developed solution.

Vemco Group is looking forward to 2022. The goal is to make the Vemco Suite a need-to-have software for any retailer or business owner, helping them optimize their businesses to reach their full potential. It is exciting to witness what 2022 has to offer for Vemco Group, who is more than ready to make it a remarkable year for everyone.