July 5th, 2021

Supermarkets Facing E-Commerce Competition Need Footfall Analytics to Remain Competitive

The modern supermarket sector has to be incredibly competitive to survive in the age of online shopping and e-commerce. An essential part of this survival is collecting and analyzing reliable customer data so that supermarkets can stay ahead of technology trends and make data-driven business decisions to stay relevant and provide exceptional customer experiences in their brick-and-mortar stores.

The retail industry is significantly impacted by consumer demand as today’s consumers want immediate, convenient, memorable shopping experiences they know they can trust. The global supermarket industry is undergoing many changes and transformations driven by technology and digital innovations that enable brands to deliver better consumer experience, gather valuable insight from consumer behavior, and even anticipate and customize trends well in advance.

A simple yet revolutionary solution to rising e-commerce competition is for supermarkets to implement footfall analytics.


What is footfall analytics?

Footfall analytics combines advanced hardware and software to create a comprehensive solution that tracks customer metrics and behavior for insights into how to optimize business processes and the customer experience. 3D AI camera sensors can be installed in strategic areas in a supermarket to record traffic data transformed into actionable insights on an analytics platform according to customizable KPIs, reports, and in-depth data visualizations.

Here are a few ways Vemcount, a leading footfall analytics solution, can be used in supermarkets to remain competitive in the digital age.


Occupancy management

A footfall analytics solution helps you keep track of the number of visitors in your store at any given time. Sensors placed above the entrance and exit of a store count each customer with 98% accuracy. Access the dashboard to monitor real-time occupancy levels and set up alerts to staff when occupancy limits are reached for immediate staff reaction.


Optimize store layout

Footfall analytics provides insights into traffic patterns over time to identify popular routes and zones for product placement and store layout optimization. Identify hot and cold zones and evaluate the impact of different layouts to get an overview of how many customers are drawn into your store and how your product displays are converting into sales.


Campaign tracking

3D AI camera sensors enable you to discover the gender distribution of your customer base for targeted marketing campaigns and product promotions. Measure the success of campaigns and refine them according to data-driven insights for ultimate marketing success.


Heat map analysis

A footfall analytics solution includes heat map analysis to get an overview of visitors’ walking paths. Identify hot and cold zones and rate the popularity of areas based on customer behavior. Understand your visitors’ movement patterns to optimize product placements, store layout, and marketing activities.


Captive rate

Strategically placed sensors can count passersby and determine the captive rate to determine how window displays are converting into sales.


Identify peak times for staff scheduling

Analyzing visitor traffic over time to explore peak times per year, month, week, and hour enables managers to deploy staff more effectively and to forecast queue demand.


Queue management

Sensors placed above cashier or service desks measure queue length and wait times and alert staff when length or time exceeds predetermined limits. Extra cashiers can be opened to expedite processes, or queues can be redirected.


Staff management for customer service

Footfall analytics helps managers understand and respond to real-time demand for services, such as serving idle customers, deploying staff to busy zones, and cleaning spills in aisles.


Follow safety recommendations

Health and safety standards can be maintained through monitoring performance and generating real-time alerts to ensure occupancy levels do not exceed the safety recommendations.


Customer segmentation

Advanced technology in the sensors enables you to exclude or get separate counts for children and adults and discover the gender distribution to profile customers even better.


Gain insight with sales data

Integrate footfall analytics with POS data to calculate your store’s conversion rate, and understand how sales correspond to traffic and weather changes.


Staff and object exclusion

Intelligent algorithms can identify and exclude staff and irrelevant objects from counts, e.g., shopping carts, for more accurate data.


Discover the relationship between sales, traffic flows & weather

Compare historical weather information with traffic and sales data to form an accurate and data-driven understanding of the correlation between weather and customer behavior. With this knowledge on hand, you can minimize your costs and optimize the allocation of your resources and staff.


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