May 31st, 2021

Staff Exclusion Technology Optimizes Footfall Count Accuracy

Footfall counter technology has evolved over the years, from the humble beginnings of simple infrared beam technology all the way to 3D Artificial Intelligence camera technology that achieves +98% accuracy. With 3rd party integration capabilities and a growing range of software and hardware extensions available to increase the functionality of footfall counters, the future possibilities are infinite. Footfall counter technology now finds itself among the big tech industry players where innovation is the order of the day. 

One such innovation making waves in the footfall counter arena is staff exclusion technology that intelligently excludes staff from footfall counts for vastly improved data collection accuracy.


How Does Staff Exclusion Technology Work?

Staff exclusion technology forms part of a broader footfall counting system that uses 3D AI camera sensors to count and track people in a store, integrated with BI analytics software to transform count data into actionable insights.

Depending on the type of staff exclusion technology used, employees and other personnel simply have to carry a Bluetooth tag or name tag with a staff exclusion pattern to be excluded from the count. When an employee walks past a sensor, the sensor will detect the employee tag, register and time stamp it, and automatically exclude the employee from the customer count.

Managers can then report separately on employee counts and customer counts for a more accurate conversion rate analysis.


Why is Staff Exclusion Necessary?

In stores with high employee-to-customer ratios or where employees and other personnel frequently enter or exit the store, staff exclusion is beneficial in providing absolute accuracy for a more accurate depiction of how many customers are attracted to the store and how many are converting.

Employees skew footfall data whenever they enter or exit a store. This becomes even more of a problem for retailers who sell luxury goods or big-ticket items, where employees can easily outnumber customers at certain times of the day, week or month. A single customer at one of these stores could bring in a significant amount of revenue. Hence, it is necessary to precisely know how many customers enter the store to determine store performance and optimize marketing strategies to attract more customers and boost conversion ratios.


Does Vemcount Offer Staff Exclusion Technology?

Yes! Vemcount offers all the latest innovations in footfall counting technology, including staff exclusion extensions. Vemcount can customize a hardware and software solution that suits your requirements exactly, with the option to rent technology on a subscription basis.

Vemcount technologies provide the following functionalities:

▶︎ Footfall Tracking

Register the number of visitors entering and exiting a location. Keep track of passersby and how many people visit an area, in real-time or within a specific period. Explore peak times per year, month, week, day, and hour.


▶︎ Height Filtration

Achieve higher accuracy in counts and conversion rates by excluding children or get separate counts for children and adults. You're also able to exclude irrelevant objects from counts, e.g., shopping carts and clothing racks.


▶︎ Dwell Zones

Register the number of visitors and average dwell time spent in a zone. Measure queue length and waiting time and generate real-time alerts to notify when a count exceeds a certain level.


▶︎ Tracking Maps

Get a visual view of visitors' walking paths. By understanding their movement patterns, you're better suited to optimize product placements, store layout, and marketing activities.


▶︎ Service Level

Measure average customer wait time before being served. By exploring service level and measuring customer interaction time, you know where to improve customer service.


▶︎ Infrared Lights

Register the number of visitors in dark areas. Keep track of how many people visit a location in real-time with live insight or for a specific time with historical data.


▶︎ Vehicles

Register the number of vehicles in real-time or for a specific period. Count outdoor traffic on a location, measure the number of visitors at a drive-in or identify peak times for parking.


▶︎ Gender Distribution

Discover the gender distribution of your visitors to create a more accurate customer profile. Target campaigns and evaluate your product range to match the customer profile.


▶︎ WiFi Tracking

Register the number of wifi devices in an area and get an indication of passersby. Due to mac address randomization, this feature accuracy is 10%.


▶︎ Staff Exclusion

Identify and exclude staff from visitor counts. Plan your shifts according to fluctuations in traffic and reduce stress from unstable work schedules.

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