February 26th, 2021

Smart Staff Management Tips To Improve Service Levels

The world has suddenly and rapidly changed before our eyes, and with it, consumer behavior is transforming too. How people work, learn, communicate, and shop in today’s new normal is not something any business had planned for or could even imagine. 

It’s placed a significant emphasis on innovative methods to improve customer and employee experience as a means to remain relevant in an increasingly experience-driven economy. Businesses need to understand how this new world impacts all of their touchpoints with their customers and their employees to actively reinvent their business processes and improve service levels.

Footfall counting technology combined with data analytics software is helping consumer-led businesses understand their customers and employees. It also presents them with smart insights into optimizing human resources and staff management for superior customer experiences and employee satisfaction.

Safety first

Research from the 2020 Global Consumer Insights Survey shows that changing consumer behaviors are accelerating trends along a reinvented customer purchase journey, with safety and accessibility as the top drivers for change. According to the report, consumers will only feel confident enough to return to physical interactions with retailers, hotels, and other consumer-facing businesses if they offer "a solid assurance that places of business have a plan to make their customer experience as safe as possible.”

With this in mind, leaders in footfall counting technology have created innovative screening solutions to manage social distancing and occupancy levels for consumer-facing stores efficiently. 3D camera sensors are placed in strategic areas throughout the store to track the number of people in any location and the distance between people in real-time. Staff in the store will receive real-time alerts when the occupancy limit is reached or when the social distance is breached to immediately and continuously ensure the safety of all customers and staff in the store at all times.

Staff scheduling

The most effective method to optimize employee schedules and monthly rosters is to use footfall counting data to benchmark when company resources are most or least necessary. Footfall counter sensors combined with data analytics provide users with insight into foot traffic trends and patterns about when customers visit your store and staff ratio to customers. When you look at customer traffic data on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis and cross-reference that with sales data, you can determine when your store is busiest and when it is quiet. According to the data, you can schedule more staff for high traffic, high sales times, reduce staff for quieter times, or deploy them elsewhere for other operational procedures, training, or team-building exercises. All of these measures lead to happier staff and better customer service levels.

Staff alerts for queue management

A busy company should have busy employees, so you can’t expect them to be everywhere at once. But you can help them proactively respond to customer needs when necessary. Footfall counter sensors dynamically measure queue length and queueing time to ensure that customers do not become frustrated and abandon the store. When predetermined queue length and time limits are reached, staff will receive automatic, real-time alerts to attend to the situation immediately.

Employee performance assessment

Footfall counting and analytics software can be used to evaluate your employees’ performance by generating reports on sales data per employees’ shifts. This way, you can identify which employees perform well and make the most sales and those who may be under-performing. You can share the results with teams and use it as an incentive for employees to boost sales for a reward.


Vemcount makes staff management easy!

Vemcount footfall counter sensors and data analytics software are designed to optimize business processes for companies who value customer and employee experiences as the most significant factors contributing to success.

Vemcount Features

▶︎ Vemcount is a unique, configurable, and user-friendly software solution providing reliable data that helps you make informed decisions that positively impact customer experience, employee experience, and sales.

▶︎ View and divide visitor data by minute, hour, day, week, month, or year - or access real-time data for immediate reaction. Measure and compare performance and data across different periods and locations, and exclude staff from counts for ultimate accuracy.

▶︎ Get live insights about key performance indicators and find out how sales correlate with traffic.

▶︎ Make staff planning easier by using historical traffic data to predict power hours.

▶︎ Avoid working in silos by integrating data from multiple departments into one platform.

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