November 1st, 2021

People Counting as a Loss Prevention Solution

When you think about loss prevention solutions, you probably don’t think about people counters. You probably think about scanners at the door, and of course, security guards. However, footfall counters also have a role to play in security.

Theft in the retail space has plagued the industry for as long as it existed. Shoplifting, no matter how small, adds up to a significant amount over time. But the good news is that with the help of technology, businesses are getting better at protecting their inventory.

What is People Counting?

Footfall counters or people counting technology describes the use of intelligent devices and sensors to measure how many people enter and exit a building or a particular space. What started with simple manual clickers has now evolved into thermal imaging systems, infrared beams, WIFI trackers, and video counters. 

These devices leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to provide accurate data. This approach helps businesses better strategize and optimize operations. For example, you can use this data to determine the effectiveness of the layout of retail stores. 

However, it’s not all about making sales and profit. People counting solutions also help manage customized occupancy in each space in real-time. This approach can help businesses adhere to fire and safety protocols and social distancing during the pandemic.

Footfall counters also help avert tailgating to ensure that only authorized personnel or those who have a ticket enter the premises. If this happened, for example, at a cinema, staff will be alerted to it. The same applies when people take a wrong turn and walk the wrong way.

During an emergency, footfall data can be handy. This is because you can quickly determine how many people are inside the premises before formulating a strategy to evacuate the building. 

How Does People Counting Work in Loss Prevention?

When it comes to loss prevention, you can leverage people counting solutions like Vemcount together with smart cameras to fight against theft. In fact, the physical presence of smart video monitoring solutions alone leads to a drop or even elimination of shoplifting. 

According to the Ava Retail Sector Security Trends Report, as much as 58% of retail sector security decision-makers stated that video security led to a significant reduction in losses from shoplifting. Another 9% said that smart surveillance eliminated shoplifting completely.

Loss because of employee theft, fraud, and vandalism also dropped significantly after the introduction of CCTV cameras. 

Whenever too many customers are in a specific area, people counting systems can also alert staff to physically monitor those spaces. In this scenario, their presence alone can help avert potential theft. If you add facial recognition technology into the mix, you can also stop repeat offenders from committing yet another crime in your store.

When you store all this information in the cloud, you can also analyze data across stores to ascertain what works best for each store. For example, if one store has more foot traffic and more theft, you can reassign staff from a low-traffic location to work in that specific store. This approach can help you better manage your risk exposure.

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