April 26th, 2021

How People Counting is Helping the Tourism Industry Thrive

The global tourism sector took a massive knock when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, with travel bans, stay-at-home orders, and a prevailing sense of fear ruling our lives for months on end. As the economy slowly opens up, many tourism businesses are adapting to the “new normal” with the help of innovative people counting technology and analytics to enhance customer experiences, optimize operations and meet pre-COVID revenues.

A few simple steps and automated processes are all it takes for hotels, restaurants, casinos, amusement parks, museums, zoos, and other tourism establishments to start gathering actionable insights to make smarter, data-driven decisions.

This blog article will discuss how people counting is helping various tourism industry businesses thrive once again.

People Counting for Hotels, Restaurants, and Casinos

Customer service can make or break hotels, restaurants, and casinos. People counter sensors, that capture dynamic data about the number and behavior of people in a location, working in conjunction with data analytics software that turns data into insight, help these establishments enhance the customer experience in the following ways: 

▶︎ Accurate counts of the total and the current number of guests entering and exiting a location in real-time helps management know how many employees to deploy and the type of resources they need to accommodate those guests.

▶︎ A queue management system alerts management when predetermined queue wait times are exceeded for immediate intervention.

▶︎ Dwell time and traffic flow analysis shows where guests enjoy spending time and the routes they commonly take around a location so that management can optimize the layout and placement of functional hubs; for example bars, dance floors, food courts, service desks, etc.

▶︎ Analyzing past traffic trends to identify peak operating hours enables management to prepare in advance for busy periods.

▶︎ Tracking marketing campaigns provides management with insight into which initiatives attract and satisfy guests most effectively to be replicated for continued success.

▶︎ Benchmarking hotels, restaurants, or casinos in different locations based on visitor traffic and conversion ratios enables owners to identify the best performers in a chain.

▶︎ Social distance can be measured to keep people safe, with alerts sent to management or guests when the distance is breached.


People Counting for Amusement Parks, Zoos, and Museums

Amusement parks, zoos, and museums offer thrilling and entertaining experiences that capture the attention of different demographics. People counting solutions in these environments are fundamental to keeping them popular, accessible, and profitable in the following ways:

▶︎ The demographic analysis involves identifying visitors’ predominant age and gender for targeted marketing and product and service offerings. Campaigns can be monitored for effectiveness and refined over time.

▶︎ Heatmap analysis of traffic flow and dwell zones aids management in identifying hot spots for activity, entertainment, food, and service areas that are popular with visitors.

▶︎ According to queue length and wait times, monitoring queues in real-time means that visitors won’t be subjected to long waits.

▶︎ Staff and resource deployment can be optimized according to identified peak hours, days, weeks, and months.

▶︎ Missing children can be found and reunited with their parents, and other security threats such as overcrowding or suspicious behavior can also be monitored in real-time.

▶︎ Social distance can be measured to keep people safe, with alerts sent to management or guests when the distance is breached.

▶︎ Aggregated people counts show how well an establishment is performing to justify funding and grants.

Vemcount is the most comprehensive people counting solution for the tourism industry. We provide the latest 3D AI sensor technology and our own unique and easy-to-use analytics dashboard. Vemcount sensors capture detailed and accurate data about customer flow, queue times, traffic patterns, dwell zones, conversion rates, outside traffic, marketing and sales performance, customers’ gender and height, and even social distancing and mask-wearing measurements. 

You can see all of these details in real-time on the Vemcount dashboard and create custom reports with combined data to glean actionable insights that help you optimize your business processes. As a cloud-based solution, you get on-demand access to Vemcount, with full API and 3rd party integration capabilities, a user-friendly and customizable dashboard, real-time alerts and notifications, customizable reporting, and advanced user management.

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